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Black Strobe

Burn Your Own Church

February 13th, 2008 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: Playlouderrecordings

Upon reading that Black Strobe successfully fuse “the worlds of dance and rock music”, I was quite excited that this could be a good record. How wrong I was. I don’t think there is anything good about it. from the first grating electronic buzzes, to when the singer’s droning voice kicks in on song two, it makes me want to tear my ears off and feed them to the mice in my kitchen.

Perhaps that is a little harsh. But the singer’s voice gives the songs a chant-like quality, which drones into your head and lingers there. And not in a good way.

(Un)fortunately the CD started skipping around halfway through (at least I think it did, that could have been on purpose), and I could take no more. But hey, they know people who know Bloc Party and Nine Inch Nails or something, and apparently the NME like them, so who cares what I think?!

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