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Black Lesbian President #1-4

April 19th, 2008 · post by Edd · 1 Comment

A5/ 32 pages/ black and white/ £1.50

This is a review of the first three issues of Black Lesbian President.


Sometimes I fuck up so badly that it moves from the event being embarrassing to the point where I contemplate hiding in a cave and never speaking to anyone ever again. Failing, yet again, to review Black Lesbian President in the new issue of Last Hours is one of those later moments. Alex has produced four issues of his zine, and so far not one of them has been reviewed in LH – I’m a complete fuck up!


It’s made worse by the fact that Black Lesbian President is currently one of the very best UK zines doing the rounds at the moment; certainly in my opinion the best one that revolves around music.


Its a DIY punk zine with a healthy focus on the gruff side of punk rock. In issue 1 there’s interviews with Shook Ones, Death Is Not Glamorous, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, The King Blues and Ruin You. Issue two: Defiance Ohio, State Run, You Me and The Atom Bomb, Four Dumb Kids and Blanketarms. And issue three features: Yo Man Go, End Of A Year, Mose Giganticus, Mika Miko, Quote Unquote Records and Gunrack. Issue four apparently has interviews with Lemuria, Blackbeard and a write of The Fest 6. Clearly its a zine with impeccable taste.


As well as the interviews the zine also boasts an impressive array of reviews, columns and rants. Alex has a sharp eye for detail, and an incisive writing style (that reminded me a little of Chris Lever from Lipgloss zine). Not only is the writing quality, the layout is sharp as well all bold blacks and well printed photos.


I would highly recommend all of the back issues and will endeavour not to fuck up so royally in the reviews section when issue 18 comes out! You can buy copies of the current BLP and back issues through their Myspace.

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