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Behind The Mask

February 15th, 2008 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

Behind the maskBehind the Mask Premier (Exeter Phoenix)
The Story of the People Who Risk Everything for Animals

This was the first time this film had been shown to a UK audience.
The venue was the Phoenix arts and media space in Exeter. I got
handed a flyer for the premier of this animal rights film and felt
obliged to attend. The flyers claim of “The film the government
doesn’t want you to see” suggested more than just a film documenting
animal cruelty so my expectations where high. The film was introduced
by well known animal rights activist Keith Mann who gave a short talk about why the film had
been made and what his hopes where for the future of the animal
rights movement. And so the film began.

The film lasted just over an hour featuring interviews with animal
rights activists from both the UK and the USA including John
Feldmann, the singer from Goldfinger. I found myself feeling both
inspired and encouraged by the hard work and personal risk (even to
the extent of death) that these activists contributed to the
movement. What was also interesting was how the mainstream media and
government had turned these people into “terrorists” often using
anti-terror laws against then, a trend we can see across all forms of
political activism My only criticism would by that at times I felt
that the film deviated from its message slightly even as far a
employing flimsy media techniques such as film of ALF members
breaking into a building with sped up film and fast emotive music
that obviously was created to glorify their actions (animal
liberation porn so to speak). Not that this is necessarily a bad
thing (it certainly helped to make the film easier to view) but I
would have rather that tactics like these where not necessary. In all
the film managed to get a strong point across well using both
chilling imagery and powerful words.

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