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Bangers/Break The Habit


July 6th, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · 1 Comment

I have been waiting for this record for what feels like forever. For various reasons the release date was held back and back and then finally as if from nowhere in dropped this.

My feverous anticipation was brought about by one thing only, ‘Bangers’! This band stole my heart after hearing just one song, leaving me agog. The live show did not disappoint and the only negative thing I had to say about their first split was the lack of tracks. So it was with shaking hands and beating heart that I sat down to test this offering. I mopped my brow with the back of my hand and hit the play button.

Instantly I was thrown into a mix of rough and ready guitar riffs of Bangers. Hooks aplenty and vocal melodies that couldn’t fail to make you grin. These folks know how to write a song! It’s unashamedly poppy but with the energy and passion you won’t find with many of their contemporaries. Every tune has its own charm and highlights are abundant across all five tracks.

I almost felt sorry for Break The Habit who had the difficult job of completing this split with their four track offering. I first saw Break The Habit at a show in Brighton a few months ago and was impressed by their Latterman-esque sound. It has to be said though, on record they don’t come close to the quality of the aforementioned band. The singers voice has an endearing twang to it but he seems to have little to say about anything other than what it means to be a punk rock fan in the new century. However, like the Bangers they do a good job of keeping up the momentum and what at times they lack in allure, they make up in pure energy. There are a few highlights here making the split worthy of listening to from beginning to end, especially ‘CxWxP’ which brings the record to a formidable end.

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