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Badtown TV

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August 3rd, 2009 · post by jas · Make a comment

Well, where to start with this? If I start by saying Jhon from Pickled Dick (…oops…Mike TV) takes a starring role in this brand new internet music and other general rubbish TV show, a lot of you will probably already be guessing it’s a shambles. And you’d be right. But it’s a glorious shambles.

As it was being recorded in a hideously stuffy (and concurrently cool) studio just down the road from my work, I pottered along to see the first episode. As rustily welded together as it was confusing for us the audience, Jhon’s schoolboy enthusiasm and Joel’s steady perseverance made it amusing to be a part of.

At some points, with Jhon mis-pronouncing band names and seemingly having never heard of the rock’n'roll guests, some of us might have been left wondering why he was there at all. At other points, including the sausage eating competition, and the emergence of a man in lycra shorts and a swimming hat playing the flute, it was blindingly obvious.

Live performances from Essex band London Black Market and Scotland’s Xcerts were geniunely impressive, although possibly not as impressive as the man named Peter who managed to swallow about 20 hotdog weiners whole, with room left over.

Hopefully the more grubby corners of this broadcast bedlam will soon be cleaned up, and they’ll continue to entertain us from the depths of Shoreditch.

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