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Astpai / Attack! Vipers!


January 30th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

Record label: We Heart Records

To those of you who already know and love Attack! Vipers! and Astpai, this split does exactly what it says on the tin; eight tracks, including one Nerve Agents cover by Astpai, all in the excellent hardcore stylings we’ve come to expect from these two bands.

For those of you have been unlucky enough to miss them, A!V! popped up in Portsmouth a few years ago out of the ashes of Jets Vs. Sharks, Thirst and Seven Arrows In Your Bastard Heart. They mix up your favourite hardcore riffs with just a sniff of Converge, with pretty guitars and interesting breakdowns and toured bloody everywhere impressing everyone with a kick ass live show.

Astpai are an Austrian band who aren’t quite as heavy. They tend to stick more closely to the hardcore punk genre when A!V! verge around a bit. This split takes off from where their two previous albums left off (but better produced) and if you enjoyed their previous stuff you’ll like this. The lyrics are great and the music changes enough to keep it interesting. More of the same quality stuff from the Austrian boys.

The packaging is great, as good as you’ll see from an independent label and it’s definitely worth picking up if you’ve enjoyed anything from either of these bands before.

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