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325 #4

January 3rd, 2008 · post by anon · Make a comment

A4/ b&w/ photocopied/ 40 pages
Price: Free (pdf)

This anti-prison, insurrectionary, autonomist magazine has been produced irregularly over the past few years with all four issues offering an attitude and a style sadly lacking in many other publications. The latest edition opens with a very inspiring six pages of international resistance news from over the last year giving a real feeling of the large amount of people across the globe taking rebellious and insurrectionary action which should encourage all of us to stand up and join in.

Following this there is an interview with a Japanese anarchist who talks about the resistance to the ongoing evictions of homeless people who live in tent villages in parks around Osaka.

Throughout the rest of the magazine there are letters and an interview from prisoners in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. All of these prisoners speak of the horrible repression they suffer, but they inspire us by standing strong in the face of this and continuing to struggle for what they believe is right. The message from all of them is that the best form of solidarity they can receive is to know that the struggles continue outside of their cells, and it is up to all of us to see that it does.

An article in the middle named “Prison Society, Reformism and Insurrection” is a concise and well written call to move beyond any form of reformism and to create total insurrection. Of course this sentiment has been written about and debated much before but this article gets right to the heart of where the editors of 325 are coming from. It thankfully dispenses with lengthy theory and overly complex language and simply reminds us that in these last hours it is “vital to radically self-organise, and attack the state and the corporations now”. Explaining how new developments in technologies of social control are causing society to turn in on itself and that with capitalism causing an imminent ecological collapse “intervention in environmental and social struggles, against the tendencies of nationalism and statism is critical.” Having rejected reformist struggles it goes on to say that property damage and rioting once or twice a year in orchestrated theatres of police management are also not enough, we need to create situations of “absolute social breakdown and auto-organisation” in which our aims can be achieved but where no-one is in control. Considering the rapidly declining state of the planet this sort of rhetoric makes sense but usually seems to be just isolated theory. However, sandwiched in the pages of 325 surrounded by stories and news of insurrectionary actions across the globe and written by people on the streets it shows that this is a movement that is happening now and needs us to be a part of.

At a time when there are few uncompromising publications coming out, 325 is an important magazine that should be distributed and read more widely. (M)

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