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Issue 13 zine reviews by 12-o-5

April 4th, 2006 · post by chris 12-o-5 · Make a comment

A Country Punk

A really nicely presented zine with card cover and neatly typed pages. To try and narrow down the content of this, I’d say it’s about a physical and emotional journey around the UK, on which the writer learns a lot about himself and the environment. It is very eloquently written and is full of insightful quotes, amusing anecdotes and DIY maps. I really enjoyed reading about the wildlife and especially about working on organic farms around the country. I felt a little bit like I was invading his privacy because it is written in the style of an open letter to, I assume, his girlfriend, but I took pleasure in the voyeurism nonetheless. (12oh5)

Hywel Lewis, Flat 5, The Sunday School, Honeyhole, Todmorden, West Yorks,

OL14 6LJ —- £1!

Morgenmuffel #14, 60p

Errr… Amazing! This zine totally cracks me up, mainly because of Isy’s constant (sometimes inappropriate) asides. It is really really entertaining and well-drawn. I learn so much from reading this and it inspires me no end. This one has got stuff about the wonders of the shopping trolley, Maypole carnage, G8 cooking insanity, adventures in Ireland and this hilarious housing-co-op wendy house (plus loads of other stuff). Get it! (12oh5) / Isy, PO Box 74, Brighton, BN1 4ZQ, UK

Secret Squirrel

I received this as a trade at the Manchester zine fest and it doesn’t have a price on it, but send a SAE to Rosie and I’m sure she will send you one! This is a totally crazy zine, really warm and friendly! It has nothing to do with squirrels, but I’ll let it slide because there is an article about how cool her gran is! Other stuff: how to make your own reusable period pads, games that I really don’t understand how to play, some stuff about being fat and ‘choose your own adventure’- huh?! I absolutely love this and I implore you to buy it just to share my bewilderment. (12oh5)

Rosie, 91 Western Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S10 ILB (now obsolete)

Debunk #2

I really don’t know what Mafro’s obsession with pork pies is, but it is decidedly weird. Anyway, issue #2 has a really interesting article about living with diabetes, an interview with some uber-hard bouncer and a short interview with Plan-it-X records. Although this doesn’t really sell itself on its layout, there’s fun stuff in it and you can really feel personality coming through by the time you reach the end. Good stuff!

Broken Records: Memoirs of a Record Store Clerk

Awesome concept: think High Fidelity meets Empire Records, but with girls! This is all about misspent youth working in a record shop and comes complete with a mix cd soundtrack to the zine. Full of anecdotes and observations, it’s funny and compulsive read. I wish I had thought of this! Plus the CD has got loads of stuff I don’t know on it, excitement! (12oh5)

Pencilled In (?)

I’m not sure of the title, but it says in the inlay it was formerly called ‘Tegne’ if that rings any bells. A fairly comic-heavy zine, which I enjoy looking at it, but I’m always a fan of the words. You get a really good impression of the author from the introduction. It makes me smile and I already like him. It’s a compilation of art work and scrawls on topics ranging from being a bike courier to Berlin. I won’t even pretend I know what is going on for the majority of it. (12oh5)


Because We Want To – things to make and do

Not too dissimilar content from Microcosm’s ‘making stuff and doing things’, but more concise and personal due to it being present in fun zine format. Great stuff on making bread, freeycling, knitting, squatting, pillowcases and fair cakes. It’s packed full of fun and presented in a really friendly and personal way. It came from the Roku distro where I purchased ‘A Country Punk’, so I would recommend getting the two together! (12oh5)

Babylon by Bike

A zine with writing and pictures telling the story of cycling from Brighton to Gleneagles for the G8 (crazy people!). I really enjoyed the style in which it was written and found it interesting, but there were times when I wish they would have expanded on the details a little bit more. There would be the start of interesting story, for example when they were trying to get on the news in Coventry, I think, and then the story just stopped. I want to know more! Anyway, great drawings and good cause. (12oh5)


I have no idea how this got to my lap, but I’ll review it anyway. A glossy mag type thing with really classy layout from Belgium. Interviews with The Blinding Light, White Circle Christ Posse, Forensics and Turmoil. Seeing as I don’t know any of these bands I didn’t read the interviews, but I had a flick through the comic articles and columns, which are pretty cool. Generally pretty to look at, just lacking in personality, but they must be dedicated cause it surely cost a lot to make and one of them just became a Dad. I guess it is the perfect zine for the music geeks! (12oh5)

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