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Ten Songs Podcast #9

August 31st, 2009 · post by Phil Chokeword

Oi oi, this is the first of two, possibly three shows focusing on punk and hardcore in my home city of Southampton. Ten Songs #10 will be a retrospective show featuring classic tracks from local DIY bands from between 2000-2007. This show however features a set of some of the current hardcore bands who are playing shows and putting out records. I wanted to show that there are still plenty of bands locally worth checking out before we get into the history lesions. This town aint dead yet, you know? Yeah.

Track Listing

1. Paul Baribeau / Ginger Alford – Bobby Jean (From the “Darkness On The Edge Of Your Town” CD available from No Idea)

Southampton Hardcore

2. Whole In The Head – Understand this (From the unreleased split 7” with Hello Bastard – WITH Myspace)
3. Like Grenades – Muscle Fatigue (From self released “Post Teen Angst” demo)
4. Defier –Crossing Wires (From the self released demo)
5. The Good Wife – Charnel House (From the forthcoming 7” in Superfi Records)

6. The Radio Faces – I’m So Lucky (From the “Party At The Bushwick Hotel” LP on Art Of The Underground Records)
7. Pure Country Gold – Lady Low (From the “PCGEP” 7” on Green Noise Records)
8. Get Serious – Out Of Sight (From the self released demo)
9. Lemuria – In A World Of Ghosts (From the “First Collection” CD on Yo-Yo Records)

10. Paul Baribeau / Ginger Alford – Thunder Road (From the “Darkness On The Edge Of Your Town” CD available from No Idea)


1. This was put together on my family’s PC using Audacity and a USB record player, some over played CDs and 7″s and a cheap Internet microphone. Plus this MP3 is a lower bit rate than most in order to keep it at a manageable size. So if there’s a song on here that you dig and want to buy the record it came off, don’t be put off if it sounds kinda rough or scuzzy. I can guarantee it’ll sound better in the original format. I hope that makes sense!
2. I either asked the bands (Paul Baribeau, Ginger Alford, Whole In The Head, Like Grenades, Defier, The Good Wife, Get Serious, Lemuria) or the record label who put out the record I was playing (Art Of The Underground, Green Noise) if it was OK to podcast their songs and they were cool with it. I think one of the great things about the Internet is that it’s really easy to get in contact with people whose music you dig and I’d like to take time to thank them for allowing me to play their songs. Cheers!
3. It goes without saying that if you like this podcast, let your friends know about it! Please? Thank you. And get in touch too if you dig it/hate it/have any tips. tensongspodcast [at] googlemail [dot] com or leave a comment.

I’ve uploaded the podcast to bliptv. I’m a little confused by RSS feeds and all that bumph, but I think that they sort all this for me. This means that it should be pretty easy to subscribe to the podcast. As I understand it, you need to cut and paste this url into your podcast catcher – – or if you use itunes, hopefully you’ll be able to do the same thing if you CLICK HERE.

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