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Ten Songs Podcast #11

November 2nd, 2009 · post by Phil Chokeword

Fuck its November almost. Where’s the year gone? I don’t know. And I feel kinda ill. So I loaded up on garlic. Now I’m kinda ill and kinda smelly. Balls. Anyhow this is the final part of a trilogy of shows focusing on punk and hardcore in my home town of Southampton. I’ve saved some gems until last so I hope you dig it. There’s also a bunch of other cool pop punk and garage tracks to get hip to. Happy Halloween/Guy Fawkes night, see you next month.

Like always, if anyone wants a burnt copy to play in their CD player, message me. You can stream, download the show as an mp3 and subscribe using itunes for free at

Track Listing
1. Gordon Ganos Army – Who You Really Are (From Art of the Underground Singles Series Vol 22 7 inch on Art of the Underground)

2. Business Of Death – Definition (From the self released S/T LP)
3. 7 Arrows Through Your Bastard Heart – Democracy At Work (From the self released S/T CD-R)
4. Through These Eyes – Break In (From the split CD with When All Else Fails on Cat n’ Cakey Records)
5. Minute Manifesto – Coping Vulture (From the split LP Urko on Enslaved Records and Boy Useless Records)

6. The Tamrons – Wildman (From the Back From The Grave Volume 2 CD on Crypt Records)
7. The Marked Men – Locked Out (From the Ghosts CD on Dirtnap Records)
8. The New Bomb Turks – I’m Weak (From the Destroy-O-Boy CD on Crypt Records)
9. Bangers – Most Wanted Men (From the Brits Abroad 7 inch on Specialist Subject Records)

10. No Bunny – It’s True (From the Love Visions CD on 1-2-3-4-Go! Records)

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