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Ten Songs Podcast #10

October 1st, 2009 · post by Phil Chokeword

This is October’s podcast and the second of three shows focusing on punk and hardcore from my home town of Southampton. This is an entire show of old Southampton bands from between 2000–2007 – basically from about the millennium to when I went travelling. I started off with the idea that I could do a kind of overview that would include all the great bands from this period but there were too many songs and too many people that needed to be included. So even though Ten Songs #11 is going to feature another short set of old Southampton HC, I couldn’t include everyone and everything. Sorry, it’s nothing personal. Anyhow, I think this has been my favourite show to record and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did digging out all the old CDs and putting it together.

Like always, if anyone wants a burnt copy to play in their CD player, message me. You can stream, download the show as an mp3 and subscribe using itunes for free at

Track Listing
1. Parade Of Enemies – South Coast Thrash Attack (From their self released demo)

2. No Substance – Not Just Surviving (From the Last Seven Songs CD-R on At The Library Records)
3. Intent – Socialisation (From Dirty Half Dozen CD on Milliepeed Records)
4. Social Parasites – Society (From the self released self titled CD-R)
5. Wreak Of Old 98 – My Friends Are My Heroes (From the self titled LP on Opiate, Milliepeed Records, Superfi Records, SNCL and Weight Of Days)

6. Circus Act – You, The Suspect (From the This Is Your Destination CD on Milliepeed Records)
7. Haywire – Carnival of Chaos (Unreleased)
8. Disoma – Train Drivers Dream Of Becoming Pilots (Milliepeed Records)
9. Pilger – Employment As Water Torture (From the Begging For A Silver Lining CD on Peter Bower Records)

10. Russ Substance – Take A Fall (From the Garden-Core! CD-R on Milliepeeed and At The Library Records)

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