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The RNC protests aftermath

February 6th, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · 1 Comment

Whilst many continue to believe that Barrack Obama’s victory in the US presidential elections is the ‘ray of hope’ that America has been waiting for, there are others that may not agree. For those facing lengthy prison sentences after the Republican National Convention (RNC) protests in September 2008 it may feel like nothing has changed at all.

The months since the protests have seen a round up of activists from across the US, many of whom now face the possibility of disproportionate sentences for trumped up charges pursued by a legal system with an ever more transparent political agenda.

First RNC arrestee to receive prison time

This week saw the first arrestee to receive prison time, sentenced to 60 days 5 years probation.
Dustin Matchett plead guilty to criminal damage to property (a felony) for smashing a window during the RNC protests and was not permitted to return at a later date to serve his time.

‘It broke my heart to watch him led away by sheriffs in the courtroom, he deserves our respect, solidarity and support to the fullest extent’. – court solidarity attendee

Send letters of support to Dustin Matchett-Morales, 297 S. Century Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55119, USA


Karen Meissner, Christina Vana and Dave Mahoney- The MKE 3

On January 18th 2009 Karen Meissner and Christina Vana handed themselves in to Ramsey County Law Enforcement after discovering warrants had been issued for their arrest. They where taken into custody, charged with aiding and abetting assault in the second degree. They have now been bailed and are scheduled to return to court on February 25th for a their plea hearing. A not guilty plea will be made.

Dave Mahoney the UK activist arrested at the RNC protests is facing a seemingly bottomless pit of charges. In recent discussions between Dave’s lawyer and the prosecution in this case an ‘offer’ was made. This so called offer was for Dave to plead guilty to three counts of second degree assault and sentencing basically would be up to the court. The prosecution has threatened to add three more counts of each charge if the offer is declined. This would bring the total charges to six counts of aiding and abetting assault in the second degree and six counts of ‘terrorist threats’.

Dave was originally arrested after an incident involving a sand bag being dropped off a bridge onto a passing bus containing Republican delegates. Dave has plead ‘not guilty’ to the charges.

A support campaign has been set up to help raise legal funds and spread awareness for Karen, Christina and Dave. Please visit the site at

Dave has an existing support page set up by friends in the UK which you can visit at

Hung jury in McKay case

David McKay was arrested after coming into contact with an FBI informant. Brandon Darby was one of many informants working as part of a nation wide FBI operation aiming to disrupt groups organising for the RNC protests. Darby fed information to the FBI that led to the arrest of David McKay for ‘firearms offences’. On February 2nd McKay was released from custardy after the jury was unable to reach a verdict however unless the prosecution decides to drop the case a re-trial will commence on March 16th.

For more information on RNC arrestees visit

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  • Maria posted:
    Feb 23, 2009 at 9:53 am. Comment #1

    Thank you for covering the RNC aftermath, a very under-reported story in the U.S. My own son was arrested, and faces consequences. I was there, and watched hundreds rounded up for being guilty of association, exercising their contstitutional rights, and being unable to get out of the way of cops. I went with a group of pacifists, who of course think there was lots to protest at the RNC but let’s be realistic about Obama and all leaders everywhere, and continue to speak out and exercise the rights we do have!
    Thanks again for the solidarity!