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The return of the Alternative Press Fair!

July 19th, 2009 · post by Edd · Make a comment

The Alternative Press fair is back, as they promised, six months later with their first Alternative Press Festival. Featuring a book launch on July 29th, a night of poetry, a ‘collaborama’ and finally on August 1st the second Alternative Press fair.

Gareth Brookes, from Appalling Nonsense, recently did an interview with Jimi Gherkin where Jimi explained the purpose of the Alternative Press Fair for him, “What we’re about is pretty simple, and that is, promoting creativity through self publishing. It’s something that we know a bit about ourselves, and something which satisfies our creative needs, makes us happy. We want others to experience that. We’re constantly bombarded by stuff in the mainstream media, entertainment and arts. Don’t get me wrong, some of it’s really good but the institutions that run it and their motives are bogus. It encourages mediocrity and passivity. Never do they say “give it a go” only “buy, buy, buy”. We want to show people what is possible, and encourage them to try for themselves.”

The full details are below from the Alternative Press Fair website –

What’s happening?

A festival of events over five days celebrating the small press, self publishing and being creative in the print media.

Anthology Book launch

Wednesday 29th July
7pm – 9pm

Free at Housmans radical booksellers (
The Alternative Press Fair will be launching their new Anthology book showcasing some of what’s going on in the small press scene at the moment; it will include work by Mark Pawson as well as a foreword by Roger Sabin and a variety of work from different areas of the scene. The evening will include the declaration of our aims and agendas in the form of a manifesto, as well as talks and discussion on the subject of the contemporary small press scene.

Are you zine friendly?

Are you zine friendly? flier

Are you zine friendly? flier

Thursday 30th July
7pm – late

Free at The Foundry (
At the Foundry there will be an evening to launch the Alternative Press Fair’s idea of zine friendly events! In the two weeks around this event we will be hosting a zine wall at the Foundry and asking artists and small press creators to come down and contribute to this ongoing exhibition. There will be music and good times, the twist is that zinesters, comix and small press creators are invited by the Foundry’s owner to come along and sell their material. There will be a communal table for individual zines and the selling of zines out of bags, or DIY carriers is encouraged! After all, it is a zine friendly event, the question is: are you zine friendly?
Contact –

Spoken Word night out!

Alternative Press Fair spoken word night flier

Alternative Press Fair spoken word night flier

Friday 31st July
7pm – Late

Free at The Griffin, 93 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RD
In order to promote poetry in the small press, the Alternative Press Fair will be holding an evening of poetry, zine readings, story telling and other performances from artists creating work in the print media themselves.


Alternative Press Fair collaborama flier

Alternative Press Fair collaborama flier

Saturday 1st August
11am – Late

Free at The Miller, London Bridge (
Collaborama is an all day event which will comprise many elements of the small press coming together. Tables will be set out in the main space downstairs at the Miller for zinesters, comix and small press creators to exhibit their work. There will also be space where any combination of visitors and exhibitors can get together to create pages which will be used to create a zine of the day. The garden will have a barbeque and the upstairs space will be used for workshops, film screenings and talks. In the evening Resonance FM’s Radio Orchestra will be performing a piece written by Ed Baxter which will be interpreted and illustrated live by two teams of small press artists on overhead projectors!
Contact –

Alternative Press Fair

Alternative Press Fair flier by Scott Smith

Alternative Press Fair flier by Scott Smith

Sunday 2nd August
11am- 7pm
Free at St Aloysius Social Club, 20 Phoenix Road, Euston, London

The Alternative Press Fair will be returning once more to St Aloysius Social centre, where in February they held the first Fair. They hope you’ll join them once more for a chilled out Sunday to celebrate comix, zines, poetry, book arts and radical literature. There will be space for around 80 exhibitors and many more visitors!
Contact –

You can watch an interview with Jimi Gherkin from the first Alternative Press Fair here.

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