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Summer of love and rage begins with G20

March 9th, 2009 · post by anon · Make a comment

Recently alot of mainstream media has focused on the upcoming G20 protests in April. This focus was sparked with comments made by Superintendent David Hartshorn regarding ‘public order’ over the summer.

Hartshorn says police are preparing for a ’summer of rage’ with activists, “Intent on coming on to the streets to create public disorder”. These comments led the Sunday Express to make the claim that the “government has a contingency plan to deploy troops on the streets of Britain’s major cities.”

Whilst the media do there best to sensationalise the issues around the G20 protests and the police begin the usual propaganda campaign of scaremongering, people in the streets are feeling a right to some rage.

Thousands of workers have been left unemployed since the beginning of 2009, repossessions rose by 54% in 2008, public money has been used to prop up failing infrastructures and fund wars around the world and if that wasn’t enough we are being encouraged to live in a way destined to end in environmental collapse in an attempt to ‘fix’ the economy.

A call has emerged for a militant workers direct action bloc on the ‘Put People First’ demonstration organised for the 28th of April.

The call out claims, “The institutions of government and global finance are making us pay for their mistakes, giving themselves hefty bonuses for the privilege. As big banks get billions of our money to bail them out, the Post Office is threatened with privatisation and mass redundancies to claw back the pension hole! Government and bosses, while protecting their own interests, are steadily losing their grip as the anger of the working class becomes more and more apparent after a decade of enforced ’social peace’.”

The G20 protests are set to bring a diverse range of people out onto the streets under a united anti-capitalist banner.

For more information on the call out see

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