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Summer of climate camp

August 3rd, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

Today sees the start of a month of direct action camps focusing on climate change. The camps orgainsed by the loosely affiliated Climate Camp network are to take place in Scotland at the Mainshill Wood camp between the 3rd-10th August, Climate Camp Wales between the 13th-16th August, in Ireland on the 14th-23rd of August and finally in London on between 27 August – 2 September.

Today, the Scotland camp is joining an existing direct action camp at Mainshill wood, where activist have been busy busy trying to stop the open cast coal site from mining 1.7 million tonnes of coal (see past reports for more information or watch a video on the camp here). The camp is already up and running and and everyone is welcome to join. For more information visit. and

On the 27th August climate campers will be returning to the City of London to set up camp and take direct action against the financial districts involved in perpetuating climate change and ecological destruction.

The most recent climate camp that took place during April 1st’s G20 protests received criticism for its attempts to distance its self from the other G20 protests and failure to promote diversity of tactics. Past climate camps have also failed to set up any camp ‘principles’ or ‘hallmarks’ similar to the PGA Hallmarks or the St. Paul Principles that allow diversity of tactic and autonomous action to take place without fear or reprisal.

For more information on climate camping visit the the Camp for Climate Action website

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