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Riots in Copenhagen

October 29th, 2008 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment


Rioting broke out in Copenhagen after police evicted a second story home in the free town of Christiania. The protests are one of a series that have taken place in Copenhagen since the Ungdomshuset, a squatted music venue and anarchist social center, was violently evicted on March 1st 2007.

The summer after the eviction of  Ungdomshuset an attempt to squat an old public waterworks was made. Several thousand people attended the event and police reacted with undue force arresting 436 people.

Protesters where out again from the early hours of the morning on the 28th Oct 2008.

Police used tear gas on the crowds. According to mainstream media they were very close to running out and had to have it delivered from other parts of the country. Despite the heavy-handed tactics used by the police, people remained in the streets blockading roads and bridges into the night! There are reports of arrests throughout the day, many have been charged with heavy rioting, which usually results in a sentence of a few months prison time.

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