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RampART eviction attempt

March 12th, 2009 · post by anon · 1 Comment

This morning one of the Last Hours collective received a text message from rampART social centre, in East London, saying that they were being evicted and needed help to try and stop the eviction.

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Thankfully it looks like the eviction has been averted. Though it sounds like it was touch and go judging by reports online. A direct account of the day was posted at 3pm up on the London Indymedia site which gives a fuller explanation:

“Earlier this morning there was a minor fire in the derelict part of the block on Rampart Street. After the fire had been put out, several men knocked on the door at RampARTS, claiming to be from the fire brigade. After they had gained entry under this false pretense, they were revealed to be agents of the owner of the building. The proceeded to call the police and evicted the person inside. Without bothering to ascertain that there were no more people in the house, they started to board up the building, placing security personnel at the doors. In the meantime some people managed to climb back into the building, carrying on with the successful occupation. About 30 people are outside and are asking for everyone to join them and show their support for this community.”


A  post made at 1.30pm on Indymedia ( gave some more information:

This morning (someone acting for) the owner turned up pretending to be a fire inspector. there had been a minor burned toast incident in the morning, so the man was let in, accompanied by one other individual. then, they kicked the Rampart person out. one cop eventually showed up and sided with the owner, even though the whole thing was illegal.

30 people are there now, outside the building.
Five private security, three cops, and possibly the owner are inside and around the entrance.

Ramparts has been an amazing community and political activity centre for a few years. There was an eviction order which ran out after the owner failed to act for 6 months. nevertheless, today’s events threaten to take Ramparts away once again, and for good. we need support NOW.

RampART has been a vital part of the London anti-authoritarian scene for over five years now. It is due to play a major role in the mobilisation against the G20 in the coming month. There are still calls for people to go down and offer solidarity. There are also a number of events happening in the space over the next few days. For full details of those visit the rampART website at

The real world address is:
15 -17 Rampart Street,
London, E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Rd)

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  • Tom Fiction posted:
    Mar 12, 2009 at 5:28 pm. Comment #1

    According to indymedia Rampart has been retaken by activists!