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News and protest on Gaza

January 9th, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

We have added an RSS feed from Electronic Intifada to the Last Hours homepage. This is one of the few reliable sources of informtation of what is happening in Gaza.

In the UK the response to Israels invasion of Gaza has, so far been from religious groups and leftist organisations baying for power.

At Last Hours we would like to echo the sentiment made in a call out,  that appeared in the last couple of days for an Anarchist Solidarity Block at tomorrows anti-war march.

“Our presence on sat is to show our support for the people of Gaza against the oppression of the Israeli state and to offer an organised and alternative political perspective.

The Israeli State again shows the extreme violence which state power is capable of when backed by an insecure, scared and fearful population. This collective mental illness, presented as public consensus on military action again demonstrates the need and reality to destroy hierarchical power, domination by elites, nationalism and xenophobia. This orchestrated arena of human destruction is possible only because they are manipulated and managed by the ethnic, nationalist and religious divisions. All of this makes real the everyday experiences which the people of Gaza and South Israel are facing. A death race and a terror of life as far away from the shared aspirations and human spirit that we hold common” (

Join us it the streets!

Gaza Solidarity Demo
Saturday 10th Jan
Meet Speakers Corner
Hyde Park
(look for the red and black flags)
Tube: Marble Arch

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