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More damning footage against the G20 police

April 14th, 2009 · post by anon · 1 Comment

Last night more damning evidence against the police appeared. Photos on Indymedia and a video on Youtube have appeared showing a TSG officer clearly slapping then striking a woman half his size in Exchange Square on April 2nd at the Ian Tomlinson solidarity demonstration.

Above: The officer’s attack starts at around 3 minutes 20 seconds

It’s just been announced on the BBC that the IPCC will also be investigating the incident. It has also been announced that the officer involved has been suspended. On Indymedia, and elsewhere, it’s been said that the officer involved was previously a member of the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) who harrass and photograph protestors. His badge number was previously AB42.

It appears that police tactics that have been used for the past five years are finally coming under some sort of scrutiny from the mainstream media and party political system. David Howarth, Liberal Democrat justice spokesman, has called for a “full-scale inquiry” saying, “The fact that this video shows another example of an officer with his number obscured assaulting a member of the public indicates that there is a systematic problem here, not just a series of individual acts of misconduct. The question is on my mind whether the police are using a some kind of ‘designated hitter’ system.”

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