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Mobile timeline of April 1st, G20 protests

April 2nd, 2009 · post by Edd · 1 Comment

g20-timeline-hammockYesterday over ten thousands faced down excessive police violence to protest in the City of London, against corporate greed, capitalism, climate change and war. During the demonstrations members of the Last Hours collective sent mobile phone updates giving a timeline of the day. It was truly astounding just how many people converged onto the Bank of England – it’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next several days.

  • at 23:19 (01 Apr) According to mainstream media sources a protester has died today. []
  • at 20:02 (01 Apr) More scuffles on princes st. Police telling people to leave over loud speaker but still very slow leaving. Maybe even one person a min n … []
  • at 19:48 (01 Apr) Police dogs are being bought out at one end of the square. The que to leave is moving at roughly 4 people every 60 seconds. #g20 #g20mel … []
  • at 19:45 (01 Apr) People who were pushed off cornhill still giving the police grief on bishopsgate. Four police vans just arrived. #g20 []
  • at 19:44 (01 Apr) Police are searching everyone leaving from bank. People have just been pushed off cornhill w/ lots of violence. #g20 []
  • at 19:39 (01 Apr) There’s a rumour that climate camp has been kettled. []
  • at 19:30 (01 Apr) People are being aloud out. A street party is happening in the remaining space. Someone has been knocked unconcious by the police #g20 []
  • at 19:15 (01 Apr) Police are charging the square and also just baton charged cornhill… []
  • at 19:09 (01 Apr) Looking from cornhill something’s on fire in bank place. Fireworks being set off. []
  • at 19:04 (01 Apr) Protesters have formed their own barracade to stop police charge. []
  • at 18:48 (01 Apr) Police are slowly letting part of the crowd leave up cornhill #g20 []
  • at 18:34 (01 Apr) Police charge crowd at bank place. []
  • at 18:32 (01 Apr) Cops are now pushing everyone out of pope’s head alley. Being very aggressive #g20 []
  • at 18:30 (01 Apr) About 200 people are stuck between a rock and a hard place on cornhill between to cop lines. #g20 []
  • at 18:26 (01 Apr) Another police line has been formed on cornhill towards bishopsgate. Very tense. Journo, “i’m gonna put on my helmet” #g20 []
  • at 18:22 (01 Apr) Horses deployed at other end of Cornhill. #g20 []
  • at 18:21 (01 Apr) Riot police caught between two sets of protesters. Crowd angry. Batons hve come out. #g20 []
  • at 18:17 (01 Apr) Scuffles on cornhill. People are screaming “let us out!” []at 18:12 (01 Apr) People gathering in solidarity on 18:09 (01 Apr) Arrest for unknown reason on lombard st. #g20

    at 18:08 (01 Apr) Overheard mainstream media estimating 5000 still closed in @ bank of england. Mood is happy but tired. #g20

    at 18:00 (01 Apr) Limbo is happening in #g20cc climate camp along w/ lots of workshops & food. Cops for most part keepin distance.

    at 17:44 (01 Apr) Protesters are getting angry with the amount of time being held. Police seem to be making no attempt to let people disperse. #g20

    at 17:24 (01 Apr) Confrontation on left corner of Bank of England. No batons yet but stand off. #g20

    at 17:18 (01 Apr) Cops seem to be letting people out around bank place, but noone in #g20 #g20meltdown

    at 17:08 (01 Apr) Everything is chilled at the moment. All roads are blocked by police around queen vic street. #g20

    at 16:59 (01 Apr) Climate camp has been set up on bishopsgate. Big banner ‘nature doesn’t do bailouts’, lots of tents & people drinking beer. #g20

    at 16:52 (01 Apr) Hundreds of police lining up on princes street.

    at 16:49 (01 Apr) Another sitdown on the corner of poultry and q.vic st. Police have stopped driving people back for the moment. #g20

    at 16:41 (01 Apr) Protesters pushed back to bank station on q.vic st.

    at 16:40 (01 Apr) Someone arrested on bishopsgate for swearing(!) #g20

    at 16:39 (01 Apr) Some one knocked out by police baton charge near canon st #g20

    at 16:21 (01 Apr) I tell a lie! People being let through joinin #g20cc climate camp?

    at 16:20 (01 Apr) Blocked on bishopsgate. #g20

    at 16:16 (01 Apr) Mass sit down police very violent moving back down q.vic st. Bangers have been set off.

    at 15:56 (01 Apr) Going up eastcheap past monument heading east. Almost no police cept fit team #g20

    at 15:58 (01 Apr) Have looped bck frm eastcheap onto fenchurch street. Police hve caught up though. Marching onto gracechurch st to? #g20

    at 15:55 (01 Apr) 1000s streaming along canon street #g20

    at 15:05 (01 Apr) Police shift change on cheapside. 15 vans & 12 cars. Riot police running dwn bow st. People tryin to get to west end? #g20

    at 14:28 (01 Apr) Thousands of people can still be seen up threadneedle street. On queen vic st an uneasy standoff. #g20

    at 14:22 (01 Apr) And a bottle of ketchup(!) #g20

    at 14:20 (01 Apr) Police have split up the group. Lots of pissed off people. Some bottles been thrown and brussel sprouts!

    at 14:08 (01 Apr) Police just stopped blocking the junction of queen victoria st/ queen street for no apparent reason. Everyone broken through #g20

    at 14:05 (01 Apr) Things are happening on queen victoria street outside the HSBC. It still has all it’s windows though! #g20

    at 13:42 (01 Apr) The crowd’s really thinned out on bank place. There’s a rumour cops are lettin people out in ones/twos at the back #g20

    at 13:34 (01 Apr) Cops clearly don’t like bob marley just randomly charging the demo during ‘one love’. #g20about 9 hours ago from txt

    at 13:31 (01 Apr) Subdued mood in the crowd. Most people just chatting. One or two singing along to bob marley #g20

    at 13:25 (01 Apr) Cops drinking water and waiting. Helicopter above #g20 #g20meltdown

    at 13:20 (01 Apr) Stalemate. Police hve pushed everyone off bartholomew onto threadneedle st. 3 lines riot police, 2 lines horses, 1 vans

    at 12:47 (01 Apr) Horses & riot cops moving up bartholomew street. People holding their ground. #g20

    at 12:45 (01 Apr) Police are now in RBS. All the windows are trashed with grafitti on the wall. #g20 #g20meltdown

    at 12:35 (01 Apr) Shit is kicking off. Riot cops out w/ horses. RBS smashed. #g20 g20meltdown

    at 12:05 (01 Apr) Billy Bragg is singing the internationale. Noone else knows the words though!??

    at 12:03 (01 Apr) And on this side an old skool rave! #g20

    at 12:01 (01 Apr) There’s 100s of people going all the way up cheapside to st pauls. There’s a police line between them and the main protest. #g20

    at 12:00 (01 Apr) Brass band look like they’re making a break for it w/ the eat the rich dummy! #g20

    at 11:56 (01 Apr) All fairly calm. Speeches bein made by g20meltdown people. Apprntly penned in on all sides by the police who aren’t letting people in or …

    at 11:54 (01 Apr) Lots and lots of people in bank place and the sun’s out. The horses hve made it onto the bank’s steps. #g20 #g20meltdown

    at 11:50 (01 Apr) Police have been forced off threadneedle steet. “who’s streets, our streets”!!! Chants #g20

    at 11:43 (01 Apr) Bankers being told to jump & chants of ‘a-anti-anti capitalista’ #g20 #g20meltdown

    at 11:42 (01 Apr) Police hve split the crowd in two. Lots of screaming and frightnd people. Calm now. First chant of ‘off the pigs’. #g20

    at 11:38 (01 Apr) About 4,500 people in bank place. Huge cheers going up. #g20

    at 11:34 (01 Apr) Police are forming another kettle on threadneedle st. Silver march #g20

    at 11:30 (01 Apr) Canon st procession goin up walbrook to bank now. Police walking them v slowly. #g20 g20apocalypse

    at 11:28 (01 Apr) Canon street. Press and police surround horse & entourage as it starts to move off. #g20

    at 11:23 (01 Apr) Silver march continues down old broad st. Police heavy with press.#g20

    at 11:19 (01 Apr) Black horse at canon st tube moving off now. Cops chasing.

    at 11:17 (01 Apr) Cops trying to move press away from silver horse demo. #g20

    at 11:16 (01 Apr) Canon st meetup met w/ several line of cops. Some pushing. People have run into back streets. #g20

    at 11:15 (01 Apr) Police walking people away from liverpool station. Some pushing from cops. #g20

    at 11:05 (01 Apr) Police kettling protesters at back of liverpool st station. Horse is at front. #g20apocalypse #g20

    at 10:58 (01 Apr) It says “smash capitalism”

    at 10:58 (01 Apr) People have done a banner drop by tower of london. “

    at 10:50 (01 Apr) There’s HUGE numbers at london bridge for #g20meltdown. Cheers as mass goes past espclly frm kids on school trip.

    at 10:39 (01 Apr) Critical mass blocking monument, ppl r moving to the g20meltdown points. About 250 on the mass now.

    at 10:18 (01 Apr) Critical mass is opposite the european climate exchange where #g20 climate camp is meetin later. A huge line of cops are behind the gate.

    at 10:08 (01 Apr) “Go to work you lazy bastards”. The man in the white van lets his opinion known at the #g20 demo.

    at 09:55 (01 Apr) Critical mass has moved off up bishopsgate towards liverpool street.

    at 09:45 (01 Apr) “we want to keep it as positive as possible”. The msg from #g20 critical mass, due to leave in 5 mins.

    at 09:40 (01 Apr) Critical mass at bank place now. About 150 people hve gathered so far, and w/ the sound system just arrivd it sounds like a party!

    at 09:15 (01 Apr) Cops & security guards on every corner of the city ready for #g20 critical mass.

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    • Ron posted:
      Apr 2, 2009 at 3:24 pm. Comment #1

      Many conservative and libertarian Americans agree with the G20 protests against the financial establishment although they have little else in common with the protesters..
      While most of the London and European protesters are from the far left, many working Americans feel the same about Washington’s excessive bailouts for Wall Street and the banking establishment.

      Washington has bailed out the banks, Wall Street & their Washington special interests and much of the cost is added to the national debt to by paid by this and future generations while real estate and investments continue to fall.
      Find out how a growing repudiate the debt movement could stop Washington’s deficits, the exploding national debt and end the bailouts.

      The Campaign to Cancel the Washington National Debt By 12/21/2012 Constitutional Amendment is starting now in the U.S.