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Mobile timeline from April 2nd

April 3rd, 2009 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Police pushing people down Princes Street in the afternoon
Police pushing people down Princes Street in the afternoon

Few people went to the ExCel centre but nearly 2,000 showed up in the City to demonstrate against the police repression that everyone experienced on April 1st, and also pay tribute to Ian Tomlinson, the man who died in the police cordon during the evening of April 1st.

  • at 23:09 (02 Apr) Police are saying that 111 people have been arrested in two days #g20 []
  • at 19:48 (02 Apr) It’s being reported that two people were arrested at the Earl street raid earlier in the day. RampART was raided, but not evicted, and h … []
  • at 18:14 (02 Apr) About 200 protesters outside a hotal on knightsbridge. #g20 []
  • at 14:51 (02 Apr) Police are pushing people down side streets. some protesters still left in square at the bank of england []
  • at 15:20 (02 Apr) Police moving people down Princes street in pen []
  • at 15:16 (02 Apr) Large police presence. 3 armoured vans and police helicopter []
  • at 15:03 (02 Apr) Police have penned roughly 250 people in the square at the Bank of England  []
  • at 15:01 (02 Apr) Police horses at the bank of england. many protesters gathered  []
  • at 14:27 (02 Apr) Most of the police have left now  []
  • at 14:26 (02 Apr) It looks like all the people who were detained have been released []
  • at 14:20 (02 Apr) Some people are having their cuffs taken off and some are being allowed to leave. []
  • at 14:19 (02 Apr) Cops are saying people will be released if ‘they’re not of interest’. []
  • at 14:16 (02 Apr) One of those being detained is crying, ‘Torture! Torture!’ He has been dragged into a garage out of view of solidarity demonstrators. He complained that police had refused him medical attention after the raid.
  • at 14:14 (02 Apr) Only those in the Earl St. building at time police showed up have been arrested. []
  • at 14:12 (02 Apr) At Earl st. those who left earlier in the day are being allowed in 1 by 1 to get their stuff. []
  • at 14:09 (02 Apr) Police have been seen carrying tasers but there’s no report of them being used. []
  • at 14:02 (02 Apr) Police report is 60 people being detained at convergence space and 20 at rampart, under section 17 []
  • at 14:01 (02 Apr) Complaints of outer body searches on women by male police officers. #g20 []
  • at 13:52 (02 Apr) 50 people under arrest at convergence centre. hands and feet bound. some people complaining of lack of medical care for injuries. #g20 []
  • at 13:42 (02 Apr) Protesters are asking for solidarity. #g20 []
  • at 13:42 (02 Apr) Small group gathering on near convergence space. people are being kept 100 metres or so by police. []
  • at 13:32 (02 Apr) Rumours are that the 2 spaces raided are RampART and the convergence space on Earl Street.
    at 13:22 (02 Apr) Police have raided two squats in connection with the actions from yesterday.
    at 13:12 (02 Apr) Police stopping and searching someone on Cornhill. section 60 in place apparently.
    at 13:02 (02 Apr) Activists lay flowers for the person who died at the demonstraion yesterday. police are being very heavy handed.
    at 12:46 (02 Apr) Police hassling press at Bank.
    at 12:42 (02 Apr) Police are stop and searching people at Bank.
    at 12:30 (02 Apr) Police on horseback protecting RBS building.
    at 12:25 (02 Apr) Police are lining the front of the square by the Bank of England. Roughly 100 protestors at the anti police protest. Many more expected.
  • at 11:43 (02 Apr) Police stop and searching on bridge going towards Excel from Canning town tube. []
  • at 11:38 (02 Apr) Numbers very low at Excel. As many press as protestors. []
  • at 11:20 (02 Apr) Protest seems to be made up mostly of anti war people. Cops in crowd, all fairly good natured. Though a long way from excel. []
  • at 11:16 (02 Apr) Lines of police marking the west entrance of excel. About 1000 people by the dock. []
  • at 11:09 (02 Apr) Not many protestors at canning town, small group being tailed by police van. FIT on top of DLR. #g20 []
  • at 09:00 (02 Apr) Demonstration against police repression has been called at Bank Tube station for 1pm. #g20 []
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