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London anti-fascist demo report

February 7th, 2008 · post by occupied london · Make a comment

Report from the London demo against the coordinated police &fascist attacks against anti-fascists in Athens, Greece.

On the 2nd of February, an anti-fascist demo in central Athens was attacked by neo-nazis and riot police, who were shamelessly working together: Neo-nazis attacked from within the police lines, stabbing two anti-fascists and injuring many others, before running back behind the cops.

In an even more outrageous turn of events the anti-fascist demo was later on viciously attacked by riot police upon its exit from university grounds, where it had temporarily retreated: Over one hundred anti-fascists were detained; all but one were released with no charges.

Some anti-fascists in London acted urgently and called for a solidarity demonstration for Tuesday, outside the Greek National Tourist Office, near Oxford Circus. Given that the call-out was only made 1,5 day before the demo, which was called during working hours, attendance wasn’t expected to be particularly high. And yet, around 45 people showed up (from as far as Leeds and Southampton!). It was particularly heartening to see that at least two different networks were mobilised: greek radicals in the UK (via Athens IMC) and a slowly-forming network of politicised squatters in North East London (via word of mouth and websites like this!).

It was also very heartening to see that, for once, people were not intimidated by the police – shouting “Police, Nazis, scum!” in their face and physically confronting them when they tried to interfere and confiscate the burning greek flag (watch video). The demo ended in style with all participants chaining up and getting on the street, walking together all the way up to Tottenham Court Road.

The National Tourist Office had decided to close down for the day even before the anti-fascists showed up. Seems like state-owned Olympic Airways, which was just down the road, thought it could go on with business as usual but they soon decided to call it a day as well. News of the demo floated around mainstream and alternative media in Greece, adding up – even a tiny bit- to the message: Police and nazi attacks against anti-fascists will not be tolerated – no passaran!

[For a more detailed description of the Athens events see this post on IMC-UK and Athens Indymedia]

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