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Last Hours issue 17

April 6th, 2008 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last hours issue 17 coverLast Hours issue 17 is out now! The new issue of Last Hours is off at the printers, and it has to be said we’re pretty excited about the new issue. The theme of the new issue is ‘radical illustration’ with interviews, article, DIY guides and stencils to go with it. Some edited highlights are below – full details will be up shortly.


There’s an article by Welly (Artcore fanzine) about the changing style of punk rock illustration since it appeared in ‘76. It gives a who’s who of punk rock artists, and touches on some of the seminal artistic moments of records covers, flier art and poster design. There’s also an article and comic by Isy (Morgenmuffel zine) about flyposting, how to do it, why to do it, and some brief history on how it’s been used through the ages to communicate radical ideas and messages.


Elsewhere there’s interviews with Nikki McClure (who uses an x-acto knife and black paper to create her art), Josh MacPhee who creates, writes about, and distributes anarchist artwork. Bitterkomix, a South African based comic magazine, is interviewed about the complexities of life in the country post-Apartheid. Elsewhere Alan Moore is interviewed about his recently published magnum opus Lost Girls, and how it relates to his other work, magic and alchemy (oh, and a little bit about Northampton too).


That’s not to mention all the columns (illustrated by Laura Hughes), reviews and other interviews (including Fall of Efrafa, Sundowner, Subhumans, Laura Oldfield Ford and Daisy’s Catering). That’s not forgetting one of the most thought provoking articles Last Hours has published, which locks horns with the knotty issue of how rebellion is being re-packaged and resold to keep capitalism running efficiently.


The new issue is out this Thursday (April 10th) and will knock your socks off… Check out the shop to purchase a copy or the about section for more details.

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