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Last Hours is recruiting

July 15th, 2009 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours is looking for more contributors; because the zine won’t write itself!

Our new issue – issue 19 – is coming out in November, and developments on the website are ongoing, including the introduction of blogs and podcasts on the site in the coming few weeks, as well as a much improved home page!

We’re looking for more contributors:

  • writers
  • reviewers
  • illustrators
  • photographers
  • film makers
  • website developers
  • punks
  • and other miscreants!

Last Hours features news, analysis, interviews and articles about radical culture, be it music, protests, events, books, zines or comix.

It is created by people involved with, and part of, the DIY, punk and anti-authoritarian communities. If you can help out, in whatever way, we’d love you to get involved.

More about Last Hours

We aim to create engaging, fair, and exciting pieces using a range of media, including photography and film. We are not, though, an impartial news source. We are on the side of the oppressed against the oppressor, on the side of the proletariat, precariat and punk. It is a non-commercial, non-profit resource.

Last Hours is interested in publishing original content that offers analysis on issues, events, or groups/ bands that are relevant or interesting for the DIY, punk and anti-authoritarian communities. This can take many forms; either as an interview, article, review, comic, film or audio file. Additionally we aim to be a resource for the DIY community, with guides towards creating artwork, music, food and events.

How you can get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved, in any way, come along to our open contributors meeting on:

Saturday 25th July,

At the great Pogo Cafe (where we may also engage in some vegan cake scoffing), 76 Clarence Rd London , E5 8HB .

For more info contact: or

p.s. There’s lots of reasons to come down that weekend if you’re not from London. The 56a zine library is being relaunched on Saturday and Sunday, and the Spitalfields Fair is being held on Sunday 26th July.

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