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Glasgow university occupied

February 10th, 2009 · post by tommy · 1 Comment

Students of Glasgow University have become the latest to join the wave of activism currently sweeping campuses across the nation. In occupying a floor of a university building they are acting in solidarity with the people of Gaza and in direct condemnation of the Israeli state and the BBC for refusal to show the DEC appeal.

Yesterday (Monday 9th Feburary 2009) they issued this statement of their demands:

We Demand…

1. STATEMENT – That the University release a statement unequivocally condemning Israeli military action in Palestine, including the despicable bombing of the Islamic University of Gaza. The University should specifically denounce the attacks on civilians, the systematic obstruction of humanitarian aid and the targeting of academic institutions, hospitals, places of worship and international peace keeping facilities. The University should encourage other universities to make such statements, as well as informing the UK and Israeli governments.

2. DEC APPEAL – That the University publicise the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for Gaza by way of a visible message on the main University website, an email to all students and staff and an announcement at all lectures on campus

3. BOYCOTT – That the University commences with immediate effect a boycott of all Israeli goods (including goods manufactured or supplied by Israeli owned or operated companies) on campus, including in particular Eden Springs water. Further, that the University bans all companies involved in the supply of military equipment to Israel (such as BAE Systems, the Smiths Group and Caterpillar) from all university premises, specifically recruitment events.

4. DISINVESTMENT – That the University disinvests from BAE Systems, Westland helicopters, Lockheed Martin and all other firms or affiliates involved in arms research, manufacture or supply. The University authorities should instruct all financial companies managing University endowment investments & pension schemes to ensure complete disinvestment of University funds from the armaments industry. Such disinvestment is particularly important in light of the fact that these weapons have been used to massacre civilians, commit war crimes and violate international law. Investing in such companies is completely unacceptable.

5. ETHICAL INVESTMENT POLICY – That the University alter its ethical investment policy to ensure such irresponsible and indefensible investment does not occur in future, and releases a statement affirming its commitment to peaceful research and investment in the community. The new ethical investment policy should be developed in dialogue with the student community, such conversation involving specifically the SRC calling an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

6. FUNDRAISING – That the University hold a day of fundraising to raise money for the humanitarian effort in Gaza.

We demand that the University commit to a specific date on which fundraising will take place, such efforts being campus-wide and well advertised.

7. ACADEMIC AID – That the University provide academic aid to universities and schools in the Gaza strip, in the form of:
a) The donation of old books, computers and other surplus teaching/administrative/ educational resources, with the shipping of these resources being paid for by the University of Glasgow.
b) The establishment of a twinning programme with universities in Gaza, in solidarity with their plight

8. SCHOLARSHIPS – That the University set up a scholarship scheme which will provide full funding for at least ten Palestinian students to attend the University.

The Principal’s response in this regard is unacceptable. We demand that new scholarships be set up specifically for Palestinian students, in light of the incredible difficulty in securing education in Palestine at present as a result of occupation and recent military action.

9. BOYCOTT ISRAELI ACADEMICS – That the University refuse an academic platform to all Israeli academics who have refused to speak out in condemnation of the recent actions of the Israeli state in Palestine. The University must not become a locus for the dissemination of racist ideology and must take active steps to prevent the proliferation of misinformation. In developing an appropriate policy in this regard, the documentation of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) will be relevant.

The occupation would like to make clear that the above demands are issued with the intention of expressing our condemnation of the actions of the Israeli state and in solidarity with the people of Palestine. They are in no way directed against or intended to injure the ordinary people of Israel, many of whom support this and similar actions which have taken place throughout the UK in recent weeks.

The people occupying the university have also made a callout for a demonstration this Wednesday, 11th February at 11am in front of the occupied computing science building at Glasgow University.

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  • turn posted:
    Feb 24, 2009 at 6:48 pm. Comment #1

    hiya, good luck we are current at the stage at uclan demanding an ethical policy