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Gelderloos and Mazas absolved by court

January 17th, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

In May 2007 American author and activist Peter Gelderloos was arrested in Spain along with another man Xavier Mazas. Both men where arrested at a protest for a crime that never happened and charged by Barcelona police with “public disorder with explosives” with a maximum sentence of 6 years imprisonment.

Peter Gelderloos said of the incident, “A tiny, friendly squatters protest ended with a firework being shot off to spread flyers in the air. Police attacked the protest, called the firework a mortar, and pressured bystanders to claim they had been injured.”

In October 2008 a judge finally declared that none of the accusations or evidence constitute a  felony type charge and that they would go to trial for a misdemeanor type charge. Then just two days ago both men where completely absolved by the courts.

Peter Gelderloos continued, “In the end the courts agreed with our lawyer that what happened didn’t even qualify as misdemeanor public disorder and anyways there wasn’t any evidence that we were responsible for the protest.” He added on his blog that, “The deportation case against me is still open, but it doesn’t seem to have any legs left to stand on.”

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