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G20 protests kick off series of anti-capitalist action across the globe

March 20th, 2009 · post by anon · 1 Comment

Whilst people in the UK have been busy planning and publicising the upcoming G20 protests in London, others across the globe are planning actions of their own.

In the UK, 2009 kicked off with strong protest against the occupation of Palestine including riots in London and the student occupation movement. As well as this solidarity events have taken place in aid of the struggle in Greece and more recently No Borders protesters have been taking direct action against deportations. This is all set on a backdrop of constant concern over loss of jobs and homes as well as the environmental.

Things look like they will escalate further as mass mobilisations are planned across the globe. Below is just a preview of some of those events.



On the 28th of March anti-capitalist and anarchist groups will be marching through the streets of Madrid ‘contra la crisis’ or against the crisis.


This year’s NATO summit takes place  in Strasbourg, France and Baden-Baden, Germany on the 3rd-5th April at which 40 heads of state and government leaders will meet. The summit will mark NATO’s 60th birthday – 60 years of co-ordinating war and oppression on a global scale. A variety of groups have planned to mobilise and take direct action in protest. For more information check out past news from Last Hours (


On April 24-26 the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will be holding their annual spring gathering. Various groups from across the USA have called for protest on the three days including a group calling themselves the ‘Self Described Anarchists’ who have made a national call out.

We have a choice to make, stay on the sinking ship or turn and fight. The people that structure this destruction have faces and meetings. We intend to take the fight to them, and this is a fight for our world, a fight for our lives. April 24-26 in Washington DC the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will be holding their annual Spring meetings, and we will be in the streets waiting…

We are calling for a an anti-capitalist bloc to strike a blow against the death machine.

Kick it till it breaks!

A communique from the Self-Described Anarchist Collective


Back in the UK the Smash EDO campaign are celebrating the rich anti-capitalist history of Mayday by holding a mass street party at an unconfirmed location in Brighton. The webpage proclaims ‘Smash EDO/ITT, Smash Capitalism’

For centuries Mayday has brought people together and out onto the streets. People danced for the coming summer and the fertility of the crops. People marched in remembrance and solidarity with their fellow workers around the world. People gathered in their cities to fight against global capital and exploitation. Smash EDO invites you to a celebration of all these aspects of Mayday.


The event is the third national protest called for by Smash EDO in the last two years. Previous demonstrations have been heavily policed resulting in the use of pepper spray, police dogs and batons against protesters. (Visit Last Hours coverage of the Smash ITT protest – and

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