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French police move in to clear Calais ‘jungle’

September 22nd, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

This morning French police moved into a migrant camp near Calais, France and began to clear it of everyone who’s home it had become.

The camp was home to thousands of displaced people from around the globe including Iraq and Afghanistan. 278 people have been detained.

Video footage obtained by the BBC shows migrants being corralled by police. It also captures what appear to be an assault on a protester by a group of police. The police have a record of brutality towards migrants in the camp including daily assaults and arrests.

Individuals involved in the Calais Migrant Solidarity where on site as the evictions began. One commented via a social networking site “Afghans were in tears this morning as they were taken from their homes and their friends into another chapter of inhumanity”.

A call has been made on Indymedia for solidarity protests in the UK –

Calais was the site for a No Borders camp earlier this year where hundreds of protesters gathered for a week long camp to demonstrate against deportations. Last Hours published a report back viewable here.

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