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Cambridge occupation!

January 24th, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · 1 Comment

Mainstream media has put the total number of university occupations at this point at 16. In a particularly patronising article published on the Guardians website it says that SOAS, King’s College London, London School of Economics (LSE), Sussex, Warwick, Newcastle, Oxford, Essex, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan, Bristol, Nottingham, Salford, and Kingston have all had or are having student occupations against the Israel invasion of Gaza. We are unable to confirm all of these but last night received confirmation of another occupation bringing the total to 17. Below is a statement sent to us by students from Cambridge University.

A group of more than one hundred Cambridge students are staging a peaceful occupation of the Cambridge University Law Faculty in protest of the situation in Gaza. The action is in solidarity with similar occupations at more than a dozen British Universities across the country, at which students are making demands of their institutions. These include: scholarships for Palestinian students, donation of educational materials to rebuild the Palestinian education system, divestment from the arms trade, and full access of humanitarian aid to Palestine.

1. We demand that Cambridge University issue a statement which condemns: Israel’s action in Gaza; the Israeli blockade of Gaza; and the continued Israeli presence in Gaza and the West Bank. This statement is to be issued in solidarity with international peace movements, in particular those in Israel and Palestine.

2. We demand that Cambridge University provide academic aid, particularly books, computers and financial support to universities in Gaza.

3. We demand that Cambridge University commit to a day of fundraising for humanitarian aid in Gaza within the next two weeks, as part of an ongoing commitment to financial support for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

4. We demand that Cambridge University grant a minimum of ten scholarships to Palestinian students every year.

5. We demand that Cambridge University and its colleges disinvest from the arms trade in cooperation with the existing Cambridge (and colleges) Against the Arms Trade movement.

6. We demand that no student will face punishment or repercussions, legal or otherwise, for participating in this demonstration.

You can get updates on the Cambridge  occupation at

Manchester Met have just announced the end of their occupation. Details Coming soon.

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