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Arms fair protests for the City

July 21st, 2009 · post by anon · Make a comment

Despite the biennial arms fair DSEI still being hosted by the impenatrable fortrace that is London’s Excel, this year protester will be taking aim at another target. The cities banks and capitalism its self have long been the driving force behind war and arms trading and this year folks from a variety of backgrounds will be gathering to express their anger at the effects of war profiteering.

Disarm DSEI

The umbrella group Disarm DSEI have released a statement ( calling for people to join the protests not only against the arms trade its self but also on other key issues such as immigration, climate and animal liberation. They say

The majority of asylum seekers have fled because of the effects of war and the arms trade. However, in locking these people up, and labelling them as scroungers, the government conveniently ignores the huge profits made by the UK companies who made the weapons which destroyed their homelands.

The military are climate criminals responsible for 25% of air pollution. In 2006, according to Scientists for Global Responsibility, the UK military as a whole was responsible for emitting 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, a report from the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution into aircraft emissions in 2002 stated that “the performance requirements of military aircraft suggest that compared to civil aircraft, they are likely to produce proportionately more emissions”.

Animal testing plays a major role in military research. In 2006, there were more than 21,000 animals, including monkeys, ferrets and pigs being subjected to experimentation at Porton Down. This was a 76% increase from 2000. Tests include applying fatal doses of a nerve agent to an animal’s skin, and giving sarin and anthrax to primates.

The protest its self is to take place on the Tuesday 8th September at an as of yet undisclosed location in the City of London.

The protest is also to be preceded by national dirrect action aiming to stop the DSEI exhibitors getting to London – visit for more information

Visit and for more information.

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