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Walls of Jericho

November 11th, 2003 · post by anon · Make a comment

This is a very brief interview with Candace from Walls of Jericho, which we did in Leeds, November 2003, at the Give Up the Ghost/ Walls of Jericho show there.

RN: So being that this is the last day of the tour – how’s it gone?
C: It’s actually been going really good. It’s been really long, almost two months – seven weeks actually – but it’s been really good, and lots of the shows have been great, and lots of people have been having fun, and that’s all that counts. We’ve definitely had lots of fun.

RN: So have you been touring the States as well or just Europe?
C: Well we just started back up in April and we had done a few shows. We did Hellfest, pretty much wrote our new record, then recorded for the whole of September, and then right when we were done recording we came here. We do plan on doing a US tour, possibly in January or February, or both. And we’re doing the New Year’s day show out in Syracuse, followed by a three day mini-tour with Throw Down and Most Precious Blood, possibly!

RN: So the next record’s gonna be on Trustkill?
C: Yup it’s out on Trustkill. And it’s gonna be called ‘All Hail The Dead’.
RN: Does it have a meaning behind the title like the last one did?
C: Yeah of course. It’s kind of almost… No, actually it’s not exactly the same idea, but obviously it’s all about society itself, and all that we do to follow each other, and how we spend pretty much every day slowly killing each other. So essentially the title’s trying to show that we recognise this fact, and that we’re trying to overcome it, and get past it. We’re trying to say that this is what we do, and we try to not do that, you know?

RN: The old favourite, but for those that don’t know is there a meaning behind the name of the band?
C: [sigh] Well it was the name of the band before I joined but it’s a biblical reference obviously, but it’s neither a pro nor anti-religious name. We’re not for or against Christianity, we just don’t take a political stance on religion. It’s just the whole idea of faith, and belief, and overcoming and destroying. That’s what they were trying to get from it.

RN: Going back to the idea of society slowly killing itself; is that why you’re in a band, to try and avoid doing this…
C: Yeah I think… I probably believe that’s why most people are in hardcore bands, that’s the big reason. They see things… it’s not too different from kids being at this show, we’re here because we think different. We’re aware of everything that’s going on, and how we don’t want to live like that, and how we don’t want to just follow what other’s tell us to do. Because we know that there’s more to life than just money, and enslaving ourselves to a job or career.

RN: So are the lyrics on this record gonna be dealing with similar stuff to what you had on the last one?
C: Well obviously that album was wrote when I was eighteen (laughs) and I’m twenty-three now, so I think that there’s going to be a bit of a difference between how I write songs lyric-wise now. That song in particular does go along with the whole ‘All Hail the Dead’ thing, and the rest we have… we actually have a good mix on different things of what we’re singing about. We concentrate a song on rape, which is a subject that we always talk about on every single CD that we have because it’s one issue that everyone should always have a strong stance against. It’s one that’s very important, and something that we’ll always have to fight. It’s a struggle that I don’t think will ever end. We also have… most of our songs are personal, not very political, just because that’s the mood. My lyrics reflect what I’ve been going through in life, and this record represents the last few years well.

RN: Do you find that the songs that you wrote when you were eighteen have aged with you, or are there some, which you just wonder what you were thinking at the time?
C: (laughs) Some of them, yes, have continued on with us. But there are some, which we won’t play anymore because of the fact that, well, yeah I understand what I was saying but I think that I could say it far better now! (laughs) But that’s with any band, you know for sure.

RN: Do you ever worry that you simply get attention because of the novelty factor of having a female fronted HC band?
C: No matter what in the beginning that was there for sure. People were like it’s a gimmick and blah, blah, blah. But then people saw us live and it was a completely different story. We definitely don’t just rely on the fact that I’m a girl. I’m a strong woman. I have strong vocals, and the band has a good stage presence, and I have something to say, and we make it very known. I don’t get up onstage and prance around saying ‘I’m a girl’, or whatever. I think some people might have thought that in the beginning, but then when they saw us they’d know the score… I’d hope! (laughs)

RN: So have you ever encountered problems at shows for being a girl?
C: Yup, yup. Sometimes people are a little bit too grabby at times, and then you have other people who think that because I’m a woman they can yell things at me, and that I won’t stand up for myself, or I can’t. What’s my response? I’m a pretty stubborn person. I don’t like it when people think that they can talk shitty to me, because I don’t think that there’s any reason to disrespect anybody, for any reason, girl or guy, you don’t need to be yelling things at people. So I make it very clear to people about how I feel. About how they can get the fuck out if they don’t like what’s going on. Also we’ve had our occurrences with people who have been too grabby. Sometimes we talk about it; sometimes we fight about it! (laughs) It just depends on the situation.

RN: Have you ever had problems with other bands that you’ve played with?
C: No! No, actually, I don’t think we ever have. Not that I think of anyway no. (laughs)

RN: How does the rest of the band react, do they step in, or let you fight your own battles?
C: No, they’re there. Of course they are. Everybody’s always there for each other. It’s just like having a good friend. It’s just like you and your friend, and you may just be dancing, and you’ll need someone to back you up. That’s what a family is all about, and that’s exactly what our band is. We all respect each other enough to where we know if something is going on, to the point where there’s an argument or there’s a fight, or there’s anything going on, then we will back each other, because we know that they have a level head and that they are doing the right thing.

RN: I think I’m out of questions to be honest. Do you have anything else you’d wanna be asked?
C: I don’t think so! (laughs)

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