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The Break In

October 15th, 2004 · post by anon · Make a comment


The Break In

The Break In don’t piss around. They play angry, tough straightedge hardcore and do it really fucking well. They just released a new EP on Dead and Gone records, and are going to be releasing a full length on GSR (from Germany) at the start of 2005, so I thought it was time to interview one of ‘em. The interviews with Duggan their vocalist.

RN: So intro…

Duggan: I’m Duggan from the Break In.

RN: How did you come about being vocalist for The Break In, cause it was female fronted to begin with right?

D: Yeah, originally Hannah was our singer. She left, along with the guitarist Alan – who’s in On Thin Ice now. And they were just like either split up or get a new singer or guitarist. They’d only had three shows with Hannah singing so they just thought, ‘Yeah we can replace them’. I already was friends with them, and they were just like, ‘Duggan do you wanna do it?’ And I was like ‘Alright then!’

RN: The logo’s a rip-off from Battle Royale right?

D: What the X and the roses?

RN: No the one with the crest and the ‘BR’ in the centre.

D: Actually no. We ripped the idea of some patch that we saw in some shity shop in town. We ripped it off, and that was it really. It does kind of look like the Battle Royale logo, but it looks cool.

RN: So you’ve just had the new EP come out, how come it took so long, cause it was supposed to come out six months ago right?

D: Yeah originally it was. When I joined the band we did loads of shows and didn’t really have time. When we went to practice it was like, ‘Lets practice the set’ rather than write songs because it was more important to get tight. So we did that. And then we did a couple of songs that we were going to put on a split with a band called Dead Reckoning, on a Belgian label. Then it was going to turn into a three way split with them and Purification, but that fell through again. So we used those two songs on our 7″, to tide everyone over until we did the MCD. We just wanted to get the songs written properly. We got rid of three songs whilst writing it because they sounded really shit, so we just thought that we’d put our hearts into it, and make it a lot better. It was originally meant to come out in April, back when the 7″ came out, and that was supposed to come out in November. It was just delays and everything. But it’s out now so it’s all good!

RN: So was the 7″ initially supposed to be all new songs, or was it always going to be demo, and a couple of extra songs?

D: I wanted to get a 7″ done because I haven’t had the chance to do one before so I was like, ‘We’ve done a demo, we have a chance to do a split 7″‘, but that fell through so I was like, ‘Well we’ve already written the songs, we may as well put them out on a 7″ somehow’. And it wasn’t worth just putting two songs on there, so we decided to put the demo on there again. It’s not exactly the same as the demo.

RN: Oh, did you re-record it?

D: I re-did some of the vocals, and we took out some of the screeching guitar parts, and the high Slayer parts and that. And we basically put the new songs in between the three songs on our demo so that it was more like an EP, like a really short EP. I just wanted to do a 7″ and be a proper hardcore band.

RN: Did it end up on Burial just because you’re friends with…

D: Yeah I asked Troy and McKee at Canaan’s last show. We were either going to ask them, or another label who I now can’t remember the name of. But anyway, we basically asked them and they were like, ‘Yeah that’s cool. Do it!’ But Canaan’s last show was like June or July and it didn’t come out until April the year later. Delays! It was meant to come out before the end of the year. The dude doing the recording just fucked us around a bit. He was recording… do you know the band Jairus? Yeah he was doing the recording for their album, and he was spending more time doing that than he was on us. So, that was it.

RN: You didn’t have as many delays on the MCD then?

D: Not really, no. We were meant to have it a lot before, but because the 7″ came out a bit later we got more time to do it. But we recorded it in June and it came out this week, in the last week of September. We were hoping to have it at the end of August but we had pressing plant issues. That was it. We were originally going to have the artwork finished for when we’d actually recorded so it would have been three weeks before it came out. But that fell through because we didn’t know what we were going to have for artwork.

RN: Have you had any initial reactions?

D: Well it came out about a week before the first show that we did for it, so a couple of people had pre-ordered it. Kids know the MP3 that we put up from it. The show we played last night in Middlesborough was quite rowdy. I think it will take another few weeks before people start going nuts to the new songs. I’m hoping for good things anyway.

RN: So are you going to start dropping the demo songs from the set? Because you’ve already dropped one.

D: We’ve dropped two now. We only play the first song on our demo. We dropped the second song on our demo because it’s totally not us. It sounds too much like Throwdown, who we were originally like. We play the last song on our demo now and again but we changed guitarist recently, so we got Richard from Canaan in recently, so Scott from Winter In June is out of the band now. So, yeah we can’t play ‘Standing Strong’ [final song from the demo] at the minute because Richard doesn’t know it. But we do bash it out every now and again, like at big shows when there are lots of people there, because we think, ‘Oh we need a longer set if we’re playing last or whatever’. Everyone goes, ‘More, more!’. ‘Ok then, we kind of know it, we haven’t practiced it in six months!’

RN: It’s a crowd pleaser though.

D: Yeah kind of. It sounds cheesy but it is! We play the first song on the demo the whole way through though, because it’s called ‘The Break In’ and it’s like our song. It was like the first song that they wrote I think. Actually it might not have been – don’t hold me to that! (laughs) We still play the two songs from the 7″ all the time, because we have to. We love them anyway.

RN: So any grand plans for the EP?

D: Dude! We got a van the other day, that’s it there [points]. We’ve just been sitting around talking about doing tours. We’ve got a tour of ten days, eight days in Europe, and then two days in England. It’s with Rise And Fall for the first half, and then the second half is with Internal Affairs. GSR sorted us out with some shows. Yeah we’re doing our next album on GSR so they’re helping us out, and they want us to play out in Europe loads. We’re doing another tour in Europe in January as well, like a week, so we’re going to try and play there as much before we go off and recording again.

RN: So do you have any idea when the album’s gonna be coming out?

D: Yeah, it’s all been planned out now. (laughs) They want us to record by the middle of March, with all the artwork finished and given to them. That means probably the end of February we’re going to be recording. We’re going to Belgium, probably where Rise And Fall did their record. Then we’ve got to give them all the artwork and recordings, and they’ll get it pressed up ready for May. That’s the same time I think that Knuckledust will get their album out too. They want it out so that we can get onto the Eurofests and stuff, all those sort of things, just because it will be cool because we can then spend the summer sitting around in the van, taking time off work, and just drive around. That’s our plan. We’ve started writing for the album as well. We’ve got about three songs down.

RN: Are you going to go in any other direction?

D: No, it’s still gonna be straightedge, it’s still heavy as fuck. Well we just got Rich in the band and we’ve written three songs with him so far, and he’s only been in the band just over two months. So we’ve got to write 12 and pick 10 to record. We might record a couple of old ones but we don’t think we will. It’s going to be a lot darker. Everyone says that. It’s a bit cheesy isn’t it?

RN: Everyone says it’s going to be a bit heavier as well!

D: Yeah well our early stuff I must admit was a little bit cheesy. Our songs on our demo were really influenced by Throwdown and Bury Your Dead and stuff we listened to then. Now we just want to sound like Ringworm, Integrity and those kind of bands. Be really heavy. There’s going to be solos in it, and maybe a little bit of singing. But we’re not going Eighteen Visions or anything! At all.

RN: Said very quickly. (laughs)

D: I’m missing them tonight because they’re playing just down the road tonight.

RN: So what’s the Canterbury scene like at the moment. Are new kids starting bands at the moment, or is it just you guys, November Coming Fire and that kind of thing?

D: Yeah it kind of is. Because when Canaan split up Nate didn’t have a band for a little while, and then he joined On Thin Ice, and Alan – who was in Canaan – has joined On Thin Ice now, so they’re doing that. And then the other guys who were doing Canaan are either in our band or in NCF. There’s loads of new kids. There’s Innocent Blood. They’ve been playing out. They’ve got a new singer, and their demo’s out now. You see people around with their T-Shirts today. They’re like the new big band. They sound like Madball and they’re just tough! There’s this new band called Hate Mail as well, who are around the CT area. They’re like Horrorshow sort of thing. There are a couple of bands coming out, but they haven’t made it out of the practice room yet. But the shows in Canterbury have been really good recently, they’ve been really packed out at the moment. We’ve got the venue – The Jubilee Hall – back again. We couldn’t use it for like two years. We started using different community or school halls, but we could only use them one time and then people would ring the cops, and we wouldn’t be able to use it again, so we slowly ran out of places. Now we’ve got the Jubilee Hall back we can do shows all the time now.

RN: How come you lost the Jubilee Hall?

D: They resurfaced the floor. OK so, when we book the venue we don’t tell them that we’re putting on a hardcore show there. If they found that out they’d fucking flip. But we just say that it’s a private party where a band plays, and when they think of a private party they think; girls in high-heels, cigarettes on the floor and stuff. We don’t let anyone smoke because it’s a community hall, and that’d fuck it up. And people don’t usually come to our shows in high-heels so that’s alright. They’d resurfaced the floor and we couldn’t use it. That was back when Count Me Out toured the UK and we wanted to use that venue. We ended up using some tiny ass little hall next to someone’s house where we got shut down! We tried to get a venue for Mental and we phoned them up just on the off chance that they just might let us use it. And they were like, ‘Yeah alright we tore up the floor so you can use it again’. So shows are back on again. CT’s back on the rise.

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