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The Locust

October 11th, 2003 · post by anon · Make a comment

Interview with The Locust, when the band played the London Underworld in September 2003. Interviewed for Rancid News #4.

RN: Ok. Well first question, which is going to sound insanely pretentious, but just why?
G: (laughs) Man! That’s a lot of shit to talk about. I guess first is: Why not? I mean why not play in a band, and why not try to play music like we do. It’s just what we do, and what we did. I didn’t start the band so I can’t say how or why it started. I joined after it was three years old and… fuck man that’s an impossible question to answer! You just grilled me with the first question. Can you rephrase that a little?

RN: Ah fuck that means I have to think. (laughs)
G: Well I don’t wanna think. You’re suppossed to be making this easy on me!

RN: Well why did you join the band then?
G: I joined the band because it was exactly what I wanted to do. It was just fucking crazy music and I wanted to be playing crazy music, because that’s exactly what I’ve always been into. I’ve always been into the harder or the… I’ve always been into the music which wasn’t so easily taken into. That’s the music I’ve always loved. I don’t know. I joined the band because I was playing in another band and I wanted to play guitar.

RN: So you like the inaccessability of the band?
G: Yeah.

RN: How does it feel then now, in the same way that happened to Dillenger, that people are ‘getting’ it?
G: Well maybe it’s because there’s kind of this abstract movement. There’s all this weird shit going on that a lot of people… There are a lot of people that have been rubbed the wrong way and are just doing new things! Maybe that’s why people can relate. I think that it’s just peope pushing the envelope a little bit you know?

RN: So do you think the music scene has become so homogenised that you think that people want something different?
G: Well I know that I do! I don’t know. I just think that it’s great that there are a bunch of bands just doing their own thing, like Melt Bannana and… It’s almost like there’s new blood. It’s like there’s shit happening! I mean it was so sterile for a while. There was a time for two or three years where I just gave up and then all these bands showed up out of fucking nowhere. There’s a lot of cool shit happening.a

RN: That’s cool. But I mean you’ve just mentioned Melt Banana who’ve been around for quite a while.
G: Yeah but it’s like Dillenger or like us. We’ve all been around for quite a while. Maybe it’s just taken this long for them this long to get the credit that they are now. I mean they’ve always been like… I’ve always heard about them, but now I’m hearing about them on a larger scale.

RN: So is it weird for you guys to be headlining a venue this big, however many thousands of miles you are from home.
G: Is it weird? Kinda. Yeah it is a little odd. But it’s cool at the same time. I don’t know. I appreciate it tremendously. I don’t know, I don’t think it is weird because it’s something that I kind of expected. You know like if you push it, you have good shit happen to you. Whatever you do, and you’re serious about, you hope that good things will happen.

RN: So is this kind of like a step forward in world domination…
G: Yeah you could say that.

RN: Is that what you’re aiming at?
G: Ahh I don’t know. I don’t know. I wanna be on an extreme Coca-Cola commercial! (laughs) I wanna play with Britney Spears or Christina Aguillera. That’d be nice.

RN: If you’re wanting to get big is that one of the reasons that you signed Anti [sub label of Epitaph]?
G: I don’t think it’s neccessarily the fact of wanting to get big. I just think it’s… We wanna go as far as we can and if that means getting big then, fuck it, that’d be kind of cool. But I don’t know if I wanna be ‘big’. I mean what ‘big’ is, or what kind of ‘big’ you’re talking about. Are we talking about Elvis big, or Godzilla big, or fucking King Kong ‘big’? (laughs) I don’t know! We signed to Anti basically as being the next step. I mean we were on GSL for a long time and we were getting hit up by people, and that seemed like the best idea so we just went for it.

RN: Were you surprised by the reaction you got? I know you got asked that in the interview before.
G: Yeah as I said in that, I don’t care man. Yeah, I think that we were surprised. I know that I was surprised. It was just kind of like, ‘Woah what the fuck’. But actually you know it was kind of a cool surprise. I mean it means that we get a reaction from people. Or that people give a shit.

RN: Fair enough. Do you understand though where those kids are coming from?
G: Oh yeah absolutely. Totally. There was a long time before we figured out that’s what we wanted to do. Because it was just like on that label – Epitaph – there’s nothing really that I like at all. There’s nothing on that label that I can really get into, or that scratches that itch or whatever. But the thing is, we’re not on Epitaph, we’re on Anti, and there’s a lot of fucked up weird shit on that label. I think it’s like the worst and the best place to be at the same time.

RN: Did you have more money to go into the studio with then?
G: Yeah we were able to go into the studio for ten days this time, which still isn’t that long. But for us, that’s like a fucking eternity. Every other record has been, two days to record and one day to mix. It’s just in and out as fast as you can. So it was really cool to be able to take a few days out and work out the drums. And then we also worked with a guy called Alex Newport. He was the guy that produced the record, and that was a great experience, being able to work with him!

RN: So do you wanna achieve anything with the record. Or are you just wanting to be a band that makes people happy?
G: No I’m just waiting the downward spiral! No of course I want something. I just want to achieve personal success. I want to know that I’ve done all I can. When I get to that point, I’ll know it, and I don’t know whether that point will be tommorrow or… fuck man I’ve had a good ride so far, and it’s been fun.

RN: So you don’t have any grand cosmic schemes?
G: If I do I don’t wanna talk about it!

RN: Fair enough. I mean but when I first started listening to you guys, and reading interviews, you guys were a political band.
G: Yeah. Well I think that over time the lyrics have become a little more abstract, and out there, so that it’s not so blatant. Which is something that we conciously focused on. It’s like the music. We don’t want the lyrics to be super easily interpreted. We want people to work for the meaning! (laughs)

RN: So are you going to just tour for the next year?
G: Yeah hopefully. I mean we just did six weeks in the States, and we’re working on six weeks in Europe. When we get home … Oh yeah and then we go to Japan for two weeks immediatley after Europe. So we’re going to be home for November and December, and then in January and all shit we’re going to start up some more shows. I think that my plan would be to be back here in London in the middle of next year.

RN: Are you going to be doing anything in terms of releases?
G: Yeah we’re going to be doing an EP. We’re going to be putting that out on Ipecac. Mike Patton’s label. So when we have some time we’re going to start writing that. But I want to keep things moving. I don’t want to suddenly be sat at home twiddling my thumbs!

RN: So is that going to be a four, five track thing.
G: I think we’re going to go for a ten minute EP. I think that’s what he’s wanting. We’re talking about writing this just one really long ten minute song.

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