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Stampin’ Ground

March 11th, 2003 · post by Edd · Make a comment

An interview with Ian and Adam from Stampin’ Ground in spring 2003.

RN: Are you ready with the new album yet?
G: Well we’ve finished writing it. And we’re…
Ad: We’ve demoed it and everything we’ve just gotta like actually get it together.
G: Yeah we’ve still got to put it all together.
RN: Ok then so is that kind of looking at a summer release then?
G: Yeah, hopefully June-ish if everything goes right?

RN: So how come it’s taken so long to all bring together?
G: Umm…
Ad: Well first of all we didn’t just want to…we wanted to take a little bit longer writing the songs and getting them altogether, because at the end of the day when the band breaks up all you’ve got – apart for your memories – is a few albums, so you want it to be right don’t you?!? So yeah we’ve put absolutely everything that we’ve got into this one. There’s no excuses. The other thing is that we changed our drummer, we sacked our old guy and now we got ‘Steel’ Neil (laughs)! That’s made quite a big difference as well. He’s alot more solid as a drummer so it’s easier to be tight as a band, and you can be more experimental now as well.

RN: Now that metalcore has become cool do you think that Stampin Ground are suddenly going to become huge?
G: (instantly) No! (laughs)
Ad: No. We’re not really – you know I don’t think we really sound like any of the metalcore bands…
RN: Yeah but everyone is now saying that you do…you using the Slayer-esque riffs etc.
Ad: I know…I don’t know what they’re talking about though.
G: No well I think that magazines always have to draw comparisons don’t they, and saying that we use Slayer riffs and that’s fine. But no we’re not going to be big. I just don’t think that we’re compromising enough, in terms of getting…
Ad: No we’re never going to be on Top of The Pops!
G: Nope definetly not going to be going on Top of The Pops. Probably won’t be on MTV (laughs)!…
Ad: It’d be nice like.(laughs)

RN: Do you ever worry that ‘Officer Down’ dominates you’re set, or is beginning to cast a shadow on the band?
G: Oh no…
Ad: I have no idea!
G: The thing is, I think that the new album will speak for itself to be honest. We were so focused on writing a new album, really focused…
Ad:…We really played to our strengths you know!?!
G: …And you know I think that will dismiss issues regarding that type of thing.

RN: Cool…! Uhhh what do you think of the HC scene in the UK at the moment?
G: It’s become a bit, I don’t really. It’s merged. There still is obviously a Hardcore scene but I think that that has definetly merged with the metal scene. I think that Hardcore was at its strongest when I think probably the punk link was at its strongest, probably…
Ad: Yeah.
G:…and now there is a real merge with the metal scene and that’s the way that it’s gone. And that’s not neccessarily a negative, because I think that everyone should be … harmonious!!

RN: Do you think that it’s mellowed out in a way then…
Ad: You know I think in some ways there’s kind of like a new scene because I think….I think it’s always been kind of elitist – Hardcore, yeah?
G: Yeah it can be…
Ad: And so kids that want to be cool they don’t want to be associated with that any more so they – you know? There’s alot of…
G: It was very insular when there was the straightedge scene, you know, the metal-hardcore scene, and it was pretty weird. There were too many opinions going on and it didn’t really have any real sense of what it was supposed to be doing.

RN: So do you think that it’s become less narrow minded?
Ad: I don’t really know. The people who come and see us have become more narrowminded but I don’t know whether that’s because we’ve changed our audience or what?!?

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