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October 15th, 2005 · post by Edd · Make a comment



Scumville is a cool online document of the UK hardcore scene. This interview happened over email in the summer of 2006.

LH: Okay, can you do some background on why you started Scumville? It’s grown from being Sacredheart, to YoLondon, and now to this, right? Why did you decide to stop YoLondon when it was getting a whole load of hits?

Tom: I just wanted to do something a bit more productive. Yo London was cool, it served a purpose in getting a load of people in touch with each other but essentially it was just a messageboard. On Scumville, the site is the focus, not the boards. There’s a hell of a lot of info on the site already and it’s only going to grow. The idea was to try and catalogue the history of UK hardcore much like Kill From The Heart has done with US hardcore. Yo London just started to get me down. There was hardly any talk of music and if there was, it was about bands I had no interest in. That combined with a few other issues made it really hard for me to stay enthusiastic about it and eventually it just got shut down.

LH: What do you hope to achieve with the site? Is it simply going to be an archive for UKHC, or is there gonna be news about upcoming stuff (tour dates, reviews of new releases etc.)?

Tom: It’s going to be a mix of both current stuff and stuff dating back as far as the early 80’s. The archives go right up to the bands currently playing today and the reviews, gigs and new releases sections will deal with the current scene. The aim is to have the site as relevant as possible to current hardcore while providing lots of information on the past goings on.

LH: Why did you decide to do it as a website, rather than a printed zine? Is it going to be something that anyone can edit and contribute to, or will only admin people be able to update it?

Tom: The thought of doing a printed zine for this never really occurred to me. It’s such a big project that it really needed to be done using a database. That also provides the site with a way to ’surf’. You can start with your favourite band and just start exploring though the various links. When the site is finished anyone with an account will be able to submit info but it’ll be checked by the admins first. Maybe sometime in the future it’d be nice to do a book with the information in like Flex did.

LH: When is it going ‘live’?

Tom: I really have no clue. I have to fit in the time I use to work on it around so much other stuff. The site as we wanted it is almost finished but so many of the admins and people working on it are coming up with other great ideas that should be put in before we go live. Hopefully by October we should be ready.

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