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May 15th, 2004 · post by Edd · Make a comment



I really like this band but clearly they’re less inspiring when you try to interview ‘em. I guess there’s only so much you can do with stoned (or just exceptionally tired?!?) people but at least the pauses between words can’t be heard on paper. This took place in May 2004 at the Astoria, London with Jimmy the band’s drummer.

RN: Do you want to do the whole introduction thing?

Jimmy: My name’s Jimmy, I play drums in Recover, from Austin

RN: Ok cool. What have you guys been up to? It’s quite a while since your last record came out.

Jimmy: Since last summer, we got a house in Austin and we wrote our record and we recorded a lot during the summer. We didn’t tour at all during the summer and we went out to LA to record our record, and got most of the way though the record with our producer Don Gilmore?, he produced Linkin Park and some other bands but we ended up not finishing that record and we came back home and re-did it with our friend Rory – Rory Phillips – he’s a friend of ours from Austin. We re-did our record so that’s why its been taking such a long time because the first recording didn’t really work out and so we just came back home and did it. Since then we toured the States a few months ago with The Get Up Kids and now we’re here with Taking Back Sunday.

RN: Is it still coming out on Universal?

Jimmy: Yeah Universal.

RN: Being that the whole major label thing is kind of contentious what made you decide to go to.. cos you were on….

Jimmy: Well… Yeah we started on Fuelled By Ramen and then we put out an EP on Fiddler records and they just kinda did it for us as a favour – they were friends of ours and after that EP we started getting interest from a bunch of labels and it was pretty intense. A lot of labels were offering… but Strummer just felt like the best one, they are newer, they are lots smaller but they have Universal behind them so they have a lot of pull. The people at the label too are really good. Our A&R guy, Ross we’re the first band that he signed to this label so he’s really excited and Gary Gursh – he’s the owner – and he has the Mars Volta on the label and the Rapture and is a really cool guy. Just judging through the people that we met, the people at Strummer felt the most at home. The warmest you know.

RN: Have you got any flak for it or has it not been an issue

Jimmy: For what?

RN: Just for signing to …

Jimmy: Oh. No not really because I mean all of our friends bands, all through America are all doing the same thing. You know like Thrice and Thursday and Brand New… All these bands that we have toured with, they are going through the same thing so its kinda just like we have an opportunity so its like why not try it, why not go for it. I’ve never really thought that bands sell out when they sign to major because if a band is good they deserve to be playing in front of a lot of people. A lot of people get the choice to like them or not. I feel it is an opportunity so we should do it, you we’re young, why not.

RN: Fair enough. You are playing a Clear Channel show tonight. Do you have any problem with them because it seems like they are buying up the whole of America in terms of show space and radio and stuff.

Jimmy: We play a lot of Clear Channel events, I never have any like problem with it. We don’t.. the bands don’t really have any contact with Clear Channel. Its all like the management and everything so I’ve never had any problems. I see them everywhere, like all over billboards and building.

RN: Do you have any problems…. like is there a big local scene in Austin. Does that have any problems in terms of finding places to play because of it.

Jimmy: Yeah it’s a big scene in Austin …. Not in Austin because Austin is titled as the live music capital to the world so there are so many venues. There is one street in particular, 6th street in downtown Austin and it’s like a strip that every single club has live music happening every single night. Club after club, day after day, you know all night. So in Austin it’s not that hard to find places to play or to get started. It’s really good in Austin. We are lucky to be from such a big music city.

RN: Ok, cos I thought The Rise come from Austin are they still together.

Jimmy: Err. I know they just finished recording a record with the same guy who did our record – Rory- they are gonna release it on Ferret but I don’t think they are gonna tour it. They are not really a band, they are a band but they don’t really play shows anymore, they don’t tour anymore because the member, one of them is having a child, one of them getting married. You know they do other things.

RN: Yeah I was just like, because I only know of maybe three bands from Austin. What other bands …. The Bled are from near by aren’t they?

Jimmy: They are from Arizonia. A lot of people think they are from Austin though because when they first started we had them come and play a benefit show in Austin and they had never played outside of Arizonia so it was their first out of the state show and it was Austin so they have like a good following in Austin now. So everyone thinks they are from Austin, they are from Austin are we are from Austin…

RN: I mean like what other bands…..

Jimmy: err, Trail of Dead, they are from Austin, Young Heart Attack are from there, this band At all Costs who we just took out on tour. They are like a metal band. they are really good, from Austin. Umm…. Slow Reader, there’s this group called Slow Reader that’s are a really good group from Austin. There’s like a lot more bands coming out now.

RN: Is Austin a college town. Do you have lots of…

Jimmy: Yeah it’s the University of Texas. It’s a big college town.

RN: Ok so you get lots of kids coming in. Is the new stuff sounding like the last EP and album or have you…

Jimmy: Yeah, umm, it’s a little bit. …its different. There’s a lot more melody now and a lot more song structure, but you know it’s the same Recover, there’s two guitars, just loud guitars, loud drums. Its basically our same style the we had, its just the songs are a bit more structured. Like verse, chorus, verse, you know like song structured.

RN: So being that you signed to Universial you must have ambition for the record?

Jimmy: For the album.. yeah, yeah, yeah! Well it comes out in October. We are just gonna basically do the same thing we’ve been doing which is go out on tour all year and but this time we will have like a record that … beforehand. Our records have been hard to find everywhere so its gonna be.. you know we are pretty excited, to finially do it. We’re ready?
To finially have a record that everyone can…

RN: Are you gonna be going out in headlining slots or are you gonna be doing support stuff.

Jimmy: Well we are gonna do support until the record comes out. We are gonna do a tour with Braid in the US and then we are doing a few weeks with Finch and then our record will come out and we are thinking of headlining in the US first. Trying to do it.

RN: How do you decide cos you did that tour with Midtown who are a completely different sounds to you guys. Is it just friends’ bands?

Jimmy: We are friends with a lot of different bands and we kinda just get asked from lots of different types of bands for tours. I mean I figure if we are gonna be playing to a different type of crowd then that is good because some of those kids wouldn’t have heard of us before so maybe they will like us, maybe they don’t. We have played a lot of really bad shows, but a lot of really good shows. The midtown tour here was actually good. They are a lot different than us but we get along, we are friend and it doesn’t really matter. that’s how we take it. If the band just was … you know… they’d have to be just awful for us not to like.

RN: That’s cool. like… when you tour in the states do you just take out friends bands…

Jimmy: We try to go out with friends just because it makes the whole tour a better time. Our last tour in the US we took out a band, The Rocket Summer and they are really pop emo thing and then this band At all Costs, who are metal, so it was the two of them opening for us and two totally different crowds but it worked out because different types of kids came to the shows and they stayed for all the bands, so that’s good. ..

RN: Is that kind of a goal for you guys, to span genres?

Jimmy: Yeah pretty much.

RN: Do you think you are succeeding in that.

Jimmy: Well we’re trying. We’re trying to just make our thing. You know we play with a lot of the bands like Taking Back Sunday and Midtown and whoever and but I don’t really consider us the same style of music so we are playing all these shows with different types of people hopefully, we are making our own crowd so hopefully when we do headline we’ll have a crowd. We’re just trying to make a name for ourselves right now.

RN: Have you been doing many interviews on this tour.

Jimmy: Today? yeah we’ve been doing a couple. Usually the press things are all in London. We have a day off after this tour to come back and do a few more..

RN: Oh, ok. So are you playing with the whole of the Taking Back Sunday tour.

Jimmy: Yeah. There’s like three more shows.

RN: Oh, ok. So I like, I mean how has it been. You’ve played pretty big venues.

Jimmy: Yeah, its been really fun. Last night in Manchester 1800 people. Tonight its gonna be really good.

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