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March 11th, 2002 · post by anon · Make a comment

An interview with Vinnie from the Movielife in early 2002.

RN: How has the UK tour been?
V: It’s been our favourite tour; it’s been so fun, we’re with our best friends. The shows have been so much more than we expected them to be. We can’t believe how many kids are coming out and supporting us, we really had no idea that we had such an awesome fan-base over here. We’re coming back on the Deconstruction tour in May.

RN: What do you think of English fans?
V: I think they’re really appreciative because a lot of the kids in England really appreciate it when American bands come over because they’re from America and they don’t really know when they’re going to come back so you appreciate the time you do have with them. It’s really cool, it seems like everyone’s really open-minded – this line-up with Grade, Movielife and Thursday who are all different types of music and it’s cool.

RN: What type of music would you say the Movielife were?
V: I don’t know, I guess fast, energetic, fun, poppy, punky, I don’t know. I think we’re a fun punk band, I don’t even know what emo means so!?!

RN: What music did you listen to when you were growing up?
V: When I was growing up I was listening to bands like Sick Of It All, Visions of Disorder, NOFX, Descendents, Face to Face, Madball… a lot of punk bands. I was listening to some hip hop too like gravedigger, Wu-tang, public enemy stuff like that but mainly I was listening to punk music.

RN: What bands are your favourite to tour with?
V: Midtown, Thursday, Hot Rod Circuit, River city high, Dashboard Confessional, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, New Found Glory… these are all the bands we’ve been touring with this year who are a lot of our good friends.

RN: Are the Drive thru bands really close because they seem to all be friends?
V: Yeah, everybody’s friends on the label which is really cool, New Found Glory and Midtown are really good friends of ours, when we signed to the label we made friends with bands like Finch and Something Corporate. Everyone’s close and it’s kindof cool like that there’s like a family bond, it’s nice to have that.

RN: What bands are you listening to most at the moment?
V: Lately I’ve been listening to the Pixies, Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Midtown, Hot Rod Circuit, The Hives – we just got on the bus and it’s amazing. I have a feeling they’re going to start getting really big in the US. Thursday, Something Corporate, a lot of bands that we’ve gotten to tour with this year, it’s pretty sweet.

RN: What’s your favourite movie?
V: Right now my favourite movie is “Kingpin”; it’s a movie about bowling by the same people as “Dumb and Dumber”

RN: What do you think of the recent success of bands like New Found Glory and Good Charlotte and do you think you’re next?
V: I don’t know, we just finished a tour with Good Charlotte for about a month in the US, they’re really good friends of ours and we did a tour with New Found Glory in the spring and that was amazing. I mean we do tours like that and they go really well, we’re similar enough that we can do those tours but we’re not exactly like those bands. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen, if we’ll become that big, it would be nice – then I could move out of my mom’s house. The goal is to have fun and if you get big that’s great but our goal was just to tour and have fun together and play music and anything else that happens along the way is just a bonus for us.

RN: Are you looking forward to playing with any particular bands on the warped tour line-up this year?
V: Looking forward to playing with NOFX because that band is just awesome, I saw them two years ago… looking forward to playing with NOFX and Rancid, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte and there’s the Drive thru stage. So many bands that I’m looking forward to seeing so hopefully I won’t be playing against any of them so I can watch them. The Warped tour’s really fun, I’ve always experienced it from a fan side, I’ve been going to the warped tour since I was like 15 years old, I’m 22 now so it’s weird you know, you go to the warped tour as a fan and now we’re going to be on the tour, it’s so weird to think about it.

RN: What’s your favourite band that you’ve ever seen live?
V: Goldfinger.

RN: How’s the new album going?
V: Well, we’ve been writing the new album for the past month and a half and we’re halfway done writing the record, we’re going to get home and write a little bit more but we’re not going to go right into the studio because we want to make an amazing record. We can go home right now, write a few more songs and put it out but I don’t think it’ll be a special record so we’re going to take our time and do some touring and whenever we feel like it’s done is when it’ll be done and we promise it’ll be a really really special record, it’s going to be something we’re going to put a lot of thought and time into instead of just really rushing it so everyone will be happy I’m sure when it finally does come.

RN: Your most recent release “Has A Gambling Problem” is more pop punk than “This Time Next Year”…
V: Yeah, I guess it is a little bit, I think it has a lot to do with our musicianship – we’re better musicians – I’m a better singer than I used to be. It shows the progress we’ve been making.

RN: On “This Time Next Year” there’s more hardcore vocals and on “Has A Gambling Problem” there aren’t really any…
V: Right, I think that our next full-length will kind of be a mix between the EP and the Revelation record, it’ll be kind of that mix. It’ll be little bit more aggressive than the EP but not in a hardcore way, more in an energetic and fun type of way.

RN: How did the gambling obsession start?
V: I think it started when I was gambling in the bathroom at school, the boys would gamble, play dice in the bathroom in high school and I think when I turned 18 I was able to go out to casinos. So I guess ever since I got old enough to gamble is when the problem started really.

RN: And Brandon still can’t…
V: Actually when I turned 18 I was gambling illegally with my brother’s fake id but when I turned 21 I got really into it. So starting in May Brandon will be gambling with us. Ain’t that right?
Brandon: yeah, I’m pretty excited. I’m not going to really gamble that much but it’ll be a good feeling to know that I can if I want to, don’t want to stay behind all the time.

RN: What’s the most you’ve won?
V: Five hundred American dollars. That’s big for me – I’m pretty broke.

RN: Do you want to get married in Las Vegas?
V: No, I don’t want to get married period. I’m scared of marriage – there’s too many beautiful women out there, too many beautiful girls to look at, to smell – they all smell very nice. I’m just kidding, I’ve actually been with my girlfriend right now for almost 3 years now and I mean I’m 22 so it’s a long time until I start thinking about marriage. Yeah, I don’t want to think about that just yet, just having a good time you know. I don’t think I’d get married in Vegas – there’s good parts of Vegas and bad parts of Vegas and that’s the bad part I think, the people getting married and all that weird stuff. I don’t think my parents would approve of that.

RN: How much do you think your tattoos cost in total?
V: Not so much because a friend of mine does all my tattoos so it costs half as much as it really should, which is great for me because I don’t really have a lot of money at all. Whatever money I do have I just get more and more tattoos.

RN: Have you got any advice for people getting their first tattoo?
V: I would say don’t get a bad one. I started off really well; I got my first one as soon as I turned 18 about a month after that.
B: Don’t get stars.
RN: Why not?
V: Everyone just gets stars and stuff, think of something really cool. I have stars all over my body.
RN: But stars are pretty.
V: Stars are pretty but you know what, it’s nice to have a friend that knows a lot about tattoos because they can steer you in the right direction because a lot of people I know all their first tattoos are really bad, but my older brother’s heavily into tattoos and he was with me and he kind of guided me in the right direction as far as what’s bad and what’s good. Luckily I haven’t got any bad tattoos.

RN: Is there a gambling theme?
V: I do have a gambling theme; I have the dice and the roulette wheel on my arm. It’s fun and colourful, that’s why I like it.

RN: There’s a link to your website on AFI’s, which I thought was quite odd. Why is that?
V: It’s really interesting; they don’t seem like the type of band, I didn’t even know they knew who we were. We’re all fans of them, so it’s cool to look up to a band and find out they’re fans of your band you know. We heard AFI liked us and they actually asked us to go on tour with them and we were about to go on tour with them when the September 11th thing happened and they got stuck in Japan for security reasons so we didn’t get to do the tour but I’m sure us and AFI will be going on tour.

RN: Is the video for “Single White Female” your only video so far?
V: Yeah it is, a college kid made that video for his project it wasn’t really meant for anything but it’s all right. It’s kind of low budget and kind of average but when we go home we’re going to make a video for “Walking on Glass” so hopefully we’re going to get that going and it’ll be on MTV pretty soon.

RN: What’s the weirdest or most dedicated thing a fan has ever done for you?
V: One fan from New York City flew from New York City to London to go to that London gig last Friday and then after the gig flew home, that was pretty cool we were pretty surprised to see her. She goes to a lot of our shows.

RN: What was the best show of this tour?
V: London was amazing, Manchester was pretty amazing, and Newport Wales was great

RN: Was London the biggest venue?
V: Yeah it was, a lot of the other venues are smaller and that’s fun. We couldn’t believe how many people came out, it was great. I don’t think it was sold out but it was pretty close. I mean every show on this tour has been great so it’s hard to choose my favourite because every show’s been so good.

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