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Melt Bannana

February 11th, 2004 · post by anon · Make a comment

“Melt-Banana will melt your face-off and melt your brain… they’re so hard, that by the conservation of hardness in the universe, you won’t have any hardness left for your cock!” Mike Patton seems to love them, so that’s good enough for me. We decided to check them out when they popped over last autumn [2003]. This is done with Yasuko, the band’s singer and label boss. [web note: this interview's littered w/ typos I can't be bothered to get rid of. I hope you don't mind too much! - edd]

MB: (Looking at copy of issue 3) Oh BIG D!
RN: Yeah Big D are cool!
MB: We’ve done a split with them! With Big D…
RN: Cool that sort of links to our first question. You’ve done a lot of splits with other bands. Which would you say is you’re favourite?
MB: The Locust
RN: When was that?
MB: A few years ago, two three years ago?
MAN: Shortly before last tour
RN: So that’s 2001?
MB: Yeah, yeah right
RN: Are there any plans for another one?
MB: It would be fun, to that I think but no plans. Also, I liked the split EP with the Italians band called Dynamite (to tour manager) What, what was it? Dynamite and? And bones or something (actual name – Dynamite Anna and the Bone Machine). On that EP, I sang in Italian and they sing in Japanese! So…
RN: Is that why, last time you were in the UK you were singing an Italian song?
MB: Oh yeah, Pitarella…

RN: So, have you just come from [mainland] Europe?
MB: Yeah, all over Europe
RN: What are the crowds like there?
MB: In UK bigger audience
RN: How does that compare to America?
MB: In the United States we also get many people, but in Japan we are kind of not popular
RN: Do you think that success in America has anything to do with your links to Mike Patton (MB has supported Mr. Bungle and Patton appeared on Charlie), do you think hat’s helped you in any way?
MB: I think that, no… We are on our own label, and we are working with an American company, so we can get good distro there, so it makes it easy there..
RN: A – ZAP?
MB: Yeah
RN: So do you have any plans to put any other bands
MB: We’d love to put out some other band from Japan or other Asian countries, but actually we are now to busy for ourselves, so if I do put out, I really want to support the band, so I think it is not ready…

RN: How do you pick your support bands? Do you get to choose them?
MB: Not really? We prefer to play with local bands, so mostly the promoter picks the bands, and sometimes we request.

RN: You’ve done quite a lot of cover songs on tour… Surfing Usa, Showroom…) How do you choose which songs you like to cover?
MB: Ha ha ha! You talk fast!
RN: (repeat slower)
MB: Basically we choose famous songs, and that we like and other songs that we think will be interesting to play RN: Will you being doing another one tonight?
MB: Maybe.

RN: Do you as a band how your songs are going to sound, or does one person bring in ideas…
MB: Cover songs?
RN: No on all the songs.
MB: What do you mean?
RN: Does one person, particularly plan and write the songs and then bring them to the rest of the band or do you all kind of play together.
MB: Basically I or guitar player, Agata, bring the idea and we build the songs so we just bring small idea and make up the songs from the idea.

RN: I read somewhere that you thought the film Tetsuo was a description of the band, a strong version of what your music represents are you, as a band very much into films?
MB: We watch animation a lot we also play video games.

RN: You a lot of cartoon s and animation on your records, posters and t-shirts, one of your splits has a comic strip inside it. How much do you have to with that? Does someone in the band draw, a friend?
MB: We steal from books! (so do we!!!)

RN: If you could describe MB in one word what would it me
MB: Amusement-park, because some songs are like a rollercoaster? It’s hard to describe our music, but it’s basically punk like noisy stuff. These days I listen to Transplants, I don’t if you’d call them punk, but I heard they are from Rancid. I also listen to Hip-hop music, like Cypress Hill or Gravediggas. And these days I listen to RnB a lot, like Brandy. Ha ha. Actually the Brandy album, full moon is very interesting.
RN: Yeah I have that too.
RN: The songs on the new album are considerably longer than in the past. Is there a reason for this?
MB: We are just trying to make the sound different…

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