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Little Hell

October 11th, 2002 · post by Edd · Make a comment

An interview with Natasha and Steve from Little Hell when they played the Underworld in September 2002.

RN: Are you fans of Bill Hicks or did you just like the phrase ‘Virus with Shoes’ (the title of their first single)?
Steve: Nah I’m a real big fan of him and I do like the phrase ‘Virus with Shoes’. I love that guy.
Natasha: Yeah no I like him as well…
S: Yeah I think the whole band likes him
N: It was kind of a new thing for me coming over to England because he kind of got more recognition over here and I remember the first tour that we went on Steve was playing a Bill Hicks tape, and it was just hilarious….
S: Yeah he was…he was doing OK over in the states…but he really did seem to be embraced over in England. That always happens Nirvana were first embraced over here, The Pikies…
RN: …Faith No More
S: Yeah they were bigger over here.

RN: Which celebrity would you most like to have a fight with?
S: umm…I definetly go for Darren Day. I fucking hate that guy. I really fucking hate that guy…I saw him on that celebrity show…
N: Yeah there was this thing on TV at the moment, pop idol the rivals or something, and Geri Halliwell is on there and I couldn’t fucking believe that these people were scrutinising, I was just thinking who are you for criticising people for being talentless. But there are quite a few people I’d like to murder beside her.

RN: What do you hope someone takes away with them after going to a little hell show or listening to your record?
S: After they’ve been to a show I hope they go home with a few cuts and bruises and after listening to the record, I hope they realise, I don’t know, realise how shit life is, and get depressed. We want to hold the record for teen suicide hehehe…
RN: So your looking for a Columbine highschool?
S: I would…no maybe not a shooting like that…
N: I would hope that they’d just realise that there are more places to go to get help…like the catholic church isn’t the only place you can go to.
S: Yeah you can visit the Demonic Advisory Centre for all your problems!

RN: Why do you want to kill sports metal?
N: Why wouldn’t you want to kill sports metal?
S: Speaking as an american it is sooo gay. Those are the type of guys, that’s the reason fucking Kurt Cobain commited suicide. They were jocks, it’s exactly that, it’s sports metal. Those were the people that were beating people up in High School for people looking different, or whatever, they’re just arseholes. Sports and metal just does not go together, so I think they should just be slaughtered. John Macenroe – he can play guitar – that should be sports metal.

RN: What’s your favourite virus?
N: ummm
S: Oh it’s gotta be that one in Africa, what is that?
RN: E-Bola?
S: Yeah I like that one, that one is fucking nasty…
N:…what does that one do to you?
S: Just in 72 hours it’s eaten through every organ in your body…
RN: What about E-Coli?
N: I think I’ve had that before…I think I gave it to myself through my own cooking.

RN: A really generic question but what bands made you want to be in a band?
N: To tell you the truth the first band that made me want to play bass guitar was probably the Cure.
S: The Cuuuure, I was really into a band called Oingo Boingo, which you wouldn’t know, and the lead singer of Oingo Boingo was Danny Elfman and he now writes all the film soundtracks, like the Simpsons theme tune, and I also really liked the band Devo they made me want to be in a band as well!

RN: Where do you see Little Hell in a years time, two years time, five years time ever?
N: Amidst a pit of flames with Steve Ludwin at the helm!
S: Yeah in a years time hopefully on our way to finishing our second album, and in five years time we want to be on our way to owning Nicaragua and El Salvador.
RN: Would you improve the people’s lives there?
S: Yes, I would…
N: Not only the lives of people but the animals, insects, and reptiles as well
S: And I would banish all the corporate American companies who are coming into the country and raping the lands.

RN: Are you excited the album release?
N&S together: Oh yes
N: Yeah we’re just really excited about getting out and being able to play again, cause we’ve been stuck in the studio working hard, and we’re just looking forward to getting out there again.
S: It fells like a new band because before we had a girl singer, you know, and everything fell to pieces so we recorded the album and we did a few dates with Rival Schools earlier in the summer, and now we’re playing with Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, which is really cool cause I really like them. I saw them a couple of weeks ago, and I was like ‘yeah I wanna play with them’. So I got hold of their management company and was like, ‘Right…’ and we hooked it up.
N: Yeah they’re a really great band
S: No we’re just really excited about the album coming out, and it’s been pretty well recieved, been getting some good press…
N: Coming out October 21st.

RN: Are you going to be playing any of your own shows?
N: Yes…we’re not exactly sure when but we’re going to play as much as possible and tour and tour and tour. So we’re going to be doing some support stuff but also try to get out on our own!

RN: If you could pass one law what would it be?
N: One law?
S: I’d make it illegal to go to Toploader concerts (laughter) If anyones seen at a Toploader concert they get 20 years to life imprisonment!
RN : A bit draconnian isn’t it?
S: So what?
N: hahaha…I don’t really know much about that, I don’t really pay much attention to stuff like that!

RN: Does Bush’s foreign policy scare you?
S: Absolutely. I think it scares everyone, dosen’t it? Incredible that guy I just can’t believe him.I was speaking to my right-wing american parents a couple of weeks ago, and they’re absolutely brain washed. My dad’s a fucking idiot, and he’s not like a red-neck or anything he was an airline pilot and stuff, he’s educated. But they are so brainwashed. He’s like ‘I would die for Bush. He’s a great President. You don’t understand, you Europeans you’re all losers’, cause I was trying to explain there’s absolutely no support over here and he’s like, ‘You Europeans are losers, millions of Americans will die for Bush because we love him!’ It’s like you’re a fucking dick!
N: It’s really weird, because without being a particularly politcal person, the whole subject just bores me to death, but the fact that something that just seems so obvious for so many people, so many people at the same time don’t get at all. I mean I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, but you just think of the implications of what one person is saying, and what they have been doing for so many years, you know, it’s exactly what they’re getting back. But they can’t understand that!

RN: This is kind of a weird question but anyways…did the Day of the Dead have any influence over the album, or the name, ‘Demonic Advisory Centre’?
N: I love that movie, but no it didn’t…
S: No it didn’t but…
N: …But Dawn of the Dead is the better movie!
S: Evil Dead II had a slight influence over it, because at the end of the movie there’s a backward chant that we do on a backwards track. I’m waiting for someone to decipher. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, because you can’t really reverse a CD.
RN: You’ll have to shove it onto a reel to reel and play it the wrong way…
N: …yeah. There’s a really funny, evil message there!

RN: You’ve been around for two years now and you’ve only just got your debut out, is that frustrating?
S: Well, it’s been a long time. We had a girl singer for a year who was more interested in fashion than in music, and uhh we just spent a year and a half fucking around!
N: I don’t think it’s neccessarily annoying in any case because I don’t think if we’d taken the road that we did I don’t think we’d, not be where we’re at now but, we’re more together now, and it makes alot more sense, and it feels like it’s the right time…
S: Short answer there! hahaha
N: Yeah sorry…I get delerious when I’m hungry….can I go eat?

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