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November 11th, 2002 · post by anon · Make a comment

An interview with Nathan from Labrat when they played the Underworld in December 2002.

RN: What were the influences on Ruining It For Everyone?
Nathan: The main influence really was like enjoying playing music with our friends, playing music together for four years and a general love for heavy metal really. That sounds a bit silly.

RN: And what bands influenced you to join a band?
N: From a personal point of view the bands that made me want to pick up a pair of drumsticks and play the drums were Iron Maiden, Wasp, ACDC, and the entire new wave of British heavy metal which ruled. And then influences, influences on the band to state the obvious I’d probably have to say The Dillinger Escape Plan to a degree but not in a sence of idolising them but in a sense of gathering some stop start momentum. Err Black Sabbath, Bongzilla, Iron Monkey, err right through death metal bands like early death metal bands like Massacre, Possessed, shit like that. Dark Angel was one of the things that made me want to play the drums listening to Gene Holtman play ‘We have arrived’. Err yeah that kinda thing.

RN: Have you started working on a new album?
N: Nah, we’ve started writing some stuff but this is nothing like an album at all. It’s like…er…half of three songs. Yeah we are starting to work on the next album but there is nothing in concrete.

RN: What was the tour with Eyehategod like?
N: The tour with Eyehategod was fantastic. It was an experience cause unanimously if you talk to any band yeah they’ll say there may be one, two, maybe three bands yeah that everybody in the band likes and for us it was Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, and Today’s the Day. And so to be on tour with Eyehategod, being in close proximity with them and see what an actual bunch of bums they really are was cool man. They’re good yeah we had a lot of fun. They’re very nice easy going bunch of people and they are chaotic so we enjoyed it it was exactly the right place for us attitude and personality wise, it was great.

RN: Is it as much fun being on tour with The Berzerker?
N: Equally as much fun. The Berzerker they’re all very ugly but they’re very very nice (looks and comments from members of The Berzerker). Yeah I know that’s why I’m not saying you’re a bunch of squealing antipodeans. They’re wicked right and it’s a real good, just everyone on this tour actually is just really good and really nice. I’m having a good time.

RN: Who would you most like to go on tour with?
N: Who would we most like to go on tour with? Anyone, anyone anywhere to be honest. The thing that worries me about these questions like who would you most like to go on tour with is say that you went on tour with them yeah and discovered that, watching them night after night for two months, they were actually shit I wouldn’t like to have any of my dreams smashed so we just want to go on tour with anyone man we just like to go on tour to play to people. But who would I most like to go on tour with is the Beatles on the White Album.

RN: How many of your tattoos have you done yourself?
N: Hahahahaha! I’m gonna hit you at the end of this.
RN: alright.
N: How many of my tattoos have I done myself? Do you want it in cubic inches? RN: alright yeah.
N: 73, yeah. Fucking hell, I’ve done a few of my tattoos myself but that’s, I put that down to accidentally discovering methadone and a lust for life. Now all this prissy little bitches that run around with the best tattoos in the world they don’t mean anything to me cause for me a tattoo should be relevant to an experience more than a fucking piece of artwork, in my opinion. So I’m easy going with tattoos as I have some excellent tattoos, some awful tattoos but I’ve tattooed my right leg myself.

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