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Captain Everything

May 11th, 2003 · post by Edd · Make a comment

This interview was conducted in May 2003 when Captain Everything played the Verge in support of the Hanson Bros. Lewis, Jon and Rich were all present. The interview appeared in Rancid News #2.

RN: OK first question are you happy with the new record then?
R: Yeah really, really happy!
J: Yeah it’s great except we went into the studio the other day and the mastering is a bit dodge but other than that it’s amazing!
R: No it’s not the mastering it’s the levels! (laughs)
J: No the album’s amazing – it’s the best thing ever recorded … ever!! (laughs)

RN: Is it going to go down as a punk rock classic then?
J: Yeah definitely! (laughs)
R: (laughs)

RN: I really should have thought have some questions before this… what question would you like to be asked?
R: Not what are our influences.
RN: What’s it like being a band from Watford?
R: Brilliant…
L: It certainly is…
RN: Why is it brilliant?
L: Because there are loads of really good bands and loads of people come to see bands and really get into bands and support the local scene…
R: Yeah and it’s not only one type of band that they get into it’s a whole range of bands, they don’t just all copy each other you know. I mean that band Sikth, they’re from Watford, and they’re doing really good things and you’ve got some really good hardcore bands, metal bands and punk bands, like My Dad Joe!
L: There’s that indie band as well, Mohair, who I think are getting quite big at the moment, but we don’t actually know them because they’re more of a Firkin band… and we play in the Rugby club!
RN: I don’t know cause I have no idea where any of that is…
L: No it’s OK… basically you turn, you go up to Tescos, then you turn right, and then you’ve got a roundabout, you take the second exit and the Rugby club’s just there on your right. But actually if you go there now you won’t be seeing a gig because they closed it down…
R: But you can go there for a cheeky pint…
L: Yeah you can go there for a cheeky pint or to watch the rugby games.
J: Or to get beaten up!
RN: Why’d they close the Rugby Club?
R: Uhh because at the shows there would be about 500 kids turn up for the show, and about 300 of those would go in, but the other 200 who couldn’t fit in would just sit and drink outside, and the residents got pissed off and told the council.
J: And you also got the tossers down just for a fight.

RN: So do people in Watford come down to watch you guys down in London?
J: Yeah (laughs) Yeah!!!
R: Yeah actually they’re really supportive and stuff, yeah I’ll hope to see a few down from Watford tonight, but sometimes there are also people who come down from Watford who we don’t know which is even cooler! Actually we’ve had people come to see us from Watford up in Nottingham, cause yeah what it is is that they saw us years ago and then they all went off to university! (laughs)

J: So how are you man… how was your day?
RN: Umm yeah it was OK, didn’t do a whole lot, bit boring to be honest.
L: It isn’t going to get a whole lot better!
J: (looking at lewis) So what did you do today?
L: Today I got up at about midday, which is about normal for me, and I went to the pub and I had a beer, and I had a kick about with the football, then I drove around listening to the Howards Alias CD, then I picked you two up and came down here. Yeah it was a good day!
J: Yeah that’s almost as productive as my day. I got up, and trained up my team on Worms…
RN: Which version of Worms?!?
J: Oh I don’t know actually it’s the one on the PS2.
R: Do you have a PS2?
J: No it was over at Ron’s (?) house. But yeah I got the silver medal on the shooting the grannies…
R: You sick little monkey…
J: And yeah it was good man!
RN: So yeah (looking at Rich) what’d you do today then?
R: I got up, I got up… actually I got up at around 11 today.
L: Eleven!?!
R: And yeah I basically spent the day on the computer doing band stuff. Yeah you two going round the pub! I just spent the day emailing people. Trying to sort my life out very slowly. And yeah I was listening to the Smashing Pumpkins.
RN: Ohh which album?
R: It’s the greatest hits actually, my dad just bought it.
L: Is it any good?
R: It is actually. It’s gets worse towards the end because well they got worse towards the end, but yeah it’s got some great songs on there like 1979! (proceeds to hum tune)
L: But yeah but it’s not as good as the Sex Pistols and other punk bands and it’s not as good as that is it guys! (laughs)
R: Oh yeah and I found out today that I have two copies of the Howards Alias CD, which I was pretty stocked about so I can have one playing in the garden and one playing in my room and run around in between listening to both of them.
J: You could laminate one of them!
R: Yeah and then put it on the wall.

L: The Queen’s birthday’s on Easter Monday?
R: (laughing) What?!?
RN: Yeah isn’t her official birthday on Easter Monday and that’s why it’s a bank holiday?
L: Isn’t that a bit selfish, aren’t people supposed to be celebrating something else?!?
RN: Well I guess isn’t she the head of the Church?
L: I think it’s because she knows that nobody gives a fuck so she puts her birthday on Christmas day and Easter Day…
R: Her birthday isn’t on Christmas day…(laughs)
L: No, no something like that. It’s so that she can look out of her window and see people partying outside her window and she can say ‘Yeah they’re partying for me man’!
[everyone laughs]
J: Yeah cause the Queen says man! (laughs) Do you reckon she was sipping on Bacardi because it’s her birthday…
R: Or maybe on the gin…?
L: I reckon the royals, I reckon they’re all massive drinkers, in fact I reckon they drink loads of gin (laughs)… but then again people that drink loads of gin talk (in a pinched voice) like this, and they don’t talk like that so!
RN: It’s smoking and gin that makes you do that though.
L: Oh yeah but they all smoke as well.
RN: Oh do they?
L: Princess Margaret just died and she used to smoke like 60 a day.
R: Yeah and you know there’s the story about her, cause she had an overbite on her teeth, and it could have been sorted out if she just had a good dentist, and if the Royal Family can’t get a good dentist then well who can!
L: I bet they go private. I bet that’s their problem! And yeah the dentist’s are just in it for the money they don’t care! (laughs) I’ve got fake teeth though…
J: Seriously…!
RN: Yeah so do I, these front two teeth are fake. I was trying to show off girls on a diving board and I slipped…
L: Well that’s what you’ll get for showing off to girls!(laughs) Yeah you gotta form a rock band cause of that!

RN: OK right going back to the interview then! Who would you really wanna tour with if you could tour with one band?
R: Going out with NOFX would be amazing.
J: Yeah NOFX…
L: Frenzal Rhomb!
RN: You’ve already kind of done that though.
L: Well yeah we did two days with them and they were just brilliant people, they were just really nice… I reckon a couple of weeks with them would be amazing.
J: In Australia! (laughs)
R: Actually though we’ve been pretty lucky we’ve toured with lots of bands that we’ve wanted to, British bands, like Howards Alias, Lightyear, Five Knuckle, Adequate Seven, and stuff so in terms of that we’re well stoked.
L: So who did you think was the worst band to tour with guys?
R: My Dad Joe… they’re a bunch of cunts (laughs)! (n.b for stupid people he’s joking!)
L: Yeah do you know My Dad Joe?
RN: Yeah kinda my sister (that’s Honor for those that care) has their CD…but I haven’t actually listened to it.
L: Yeah they’re for girls aren’t they!!! (laughs)

R: I thought of a wicked new word today to describe all that like Simpleplan and New Found Glory and stuff: Chemo…cheese and emo!
RN: That’s pretty clever actually (laughs) In my next review I’ll use the word!
L: I quite like that, yeah to describe all that Drive Thru stuff like Finch and stuff…
RN: Actually I’m wearing a Drive Thru T-shirt (it’s an Rx Bandits one) so I can’t say anything!
L: Yeah but they don’t sound anything like any of the other bands on that label!
R: Weren’t they like the first signings on there?!? Yeah we know the guy who’s doing their tour managing!

RN: Talking about those kind of bands what do you think of P-Rock… are you going to be doing a video?
R: Probably…
RN: Do you know what it’s gonna be about?
L: We’ve got an idea… but yeah it will probably change (laughs). Yeah we’ve got some ideas but we don’t want to just do another band playing somewhere video.
J: Have you got any ideas?
RN: You should do a chemo video, like with the heartbreak and all of that…. the heartbreak thing sells!
R: Yeah all we need is some fit girls and some fit guys…
RN: You don’t have fit people in Watford though!
R: (laughing) You’re putting words into my mouth!! I’m gonna get a lynching! (laughs)
RN: Yeah having been through on the train…
L: Having been through on the train (laughs) you didn’t see many people did you then!!!
RN: Well the people on the platform were pretty ugly…
L: Yeah but they’re not people who’re from Watford they’re people who’ve come to Watford! (laughs)

RN: Moving on though in general what do you think of the whole P-Rock thing…?
J: It’s pretty painful isn’t it if you watch it for more than 8 minutes!
R: It’s cool because you’ll watch it and you’ll sometimes see a video for a band that you really like and that’s really cool, but then there are some bad sides to it!
J: I think that it’s a good idea that’s been done a bit badly purely for the playlist cause it’s a bit short… I don’t know how they work it out but…
L: Yeah you do see the same videos about 8 times a day.
R: We had it on in the background when we were round at someone’s house the other day for about an hour, something like that, and the same videos came up like three times.
L: Does it work on people ringing it up?
R: No but you can’t actually call up and see what you wanna see, it’s like a chart system. And yeah whoever’s higher in the chart gets a heavier rotation.
L: But yeah are you actually sure of that!!!
R: Well it’s what I read on their website so I don’t know I might have read it wrong… but yeah it’s another thing to get into a debate about, but I don’t have it so when I do go round to a place that has it I watch it!
L: But yeah it’s gotta be good if someone’s into techno music is just flicking through the channels and finds it and then starts listening to punk then fair play…yeah you’ve gotta hope haven’t you! (laughs)
J: I’m sure it does happen!
RN: Well I guess there aren’t too many techno channels on TV.
R: Kiss later at night shows techno doesn’t it….
L: I thought Kiss showed like cheesy House music…

RN: So do you think that the next album’s gonna be the one to make you Household Names?
(all laugh) RN: Shit that wasn’t even supposed to be a joke, or anything…. sorry that was terrible!! (laughs)
J: Yeah man you can’t really answer that without it being a bit weird you know?
R: We’re really proud of it and if we get a good response then that’d be great.
J: Yeah hopefully all the people that liked us before are going to like this and …
L: Put it like this they won’t be disappointed with it… (putting on desperate voice) please god they won’t be disappointed by it. (laughs) People who’ve never heard us before it’s definitely the best thing that we’ve done so far, and yeah that’d be the thing to get I guess! If that makes sense!?!

RN: So do you have any publicity ruses up your sleeves for the album launch?
J: Any what sorry…
RN: I don’t really know what it means but you know when you go around chucking stickers at people, people say that’s a publicity ruse!
L: No we’re gonna get Busted. We’re gonna go to their show and just before they go on stage we’re gonna beat them up and get on instead of them, and we’d have to bring our own drum kit ourselves, obviously, because they don’t have a drummer and we’ll set the drum kit up and hopefully no one will notice and then we’ll play instead of them. Yeah that’s what we’re going to do!
J: Yeah actually we’ve got a spy there today, Busted are in Watford today…
R: Yeah we’ve got someone trying to infiltrate their camp…
RN: So are you fans of Busted in general?
L: No not so much fans more as in we think that they owe us because they’ve stolen our sound, and our look and our performance. Our sychronised jumps and our choreographed dance moves… they’ve stolen all of that from us!
RN: And you want your money back…
L: Yeah there’s going to be some retribution.
R: Well yeah ‘What I go to School For’, was on our first ever demo tape … they must have got hold of it! (laughs)
L: Yeah you’re going to have to wink really close to the dictaphone so it’ll be able to hear it!
RN: So you’re not going to be cutting cows heads off in the name of Captain Everything?
L: Well actually you know we’re going to get a whole load of journalists [cue end tape... change tape around], and then send them all home…! (laughs)
R: You know all that picked up was ‘we gonna get a whole load of journalists click and then send them all home’!!! (laughs)
L: Yeah that’s exactly what we’re gonna do! (laughs)
RN: You know I’m probably deleting something here… oh well!
L: Whatever you’re deleting it can’t be half as good as this. (Laughs)
R: Real things we might be getting the record onto vinyl, that was what I was trying to sort out today and then we’ll be touring our asses off. That’s our big publicity stunt.

RN: So who do you think’s gonna win the Premiership?
L: Arsenal. At least I hope.
RN: Are you an Arsenal fan?
L: No Watford fan! But no Man U…. no I just like Thierry Henry I think he’s brilliant in that ad!
J: Yeah the VaVaVoom ad…. that’s a classic! Man U are going to win the premiership though. I’m not a Man U fan, I’m a Watford fan, but Man U are still gonna win the Premiership.
R: I reckon Southampton are gonna win!
L: No they’re just going to go to Europe…
R: Can Southampton actually win the Premiership?
J: No!
R: OK Southampton then … you should always bet on the underdog!

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