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Big D and the Kids Table

October 11th, 2002 · post by Edd · Make a comment

October 2002: Interview with Shaun and Dave from Big D & the Kids Table.

RN: Why exactly did you call yourselves Big D and the Kid’s table?!
Shaun: Well, back in late ‘95 we used to be just called The kid’s table and then on the way to one of our first shows we were driving through Conneticut and we ended up hitting a dog and we totally killed this dog! It was awful, the dog’s name was Big D so we thought “yeah Big D and the Kid’s table”, you know we’d never heard a name like that so we went with it!

RN: Pretty unique yeah! What’s your favourite country to play gigs in?
Shaun: England is pretty awesome! I like it.

RN: Whats your favourite city in the world then because obviously you love Boston your hometown as you mention it quite a bit on the new L.P!
Shaun: I love Boston, we all love Boston. Theres a place called Vermal skertzhen(!!) in Germany thats pretty fun, theres this squat there, and London is pretty cool as well.

RN: Are you pleased with how “Gypsy Hill” came out?
Shaun: Yes, definately(at this point Dave shows up, goes straight to the fridge and pulls out a beer, possibly not the first either if you get what I mean!) Hey here he is, we’ve already started man! This is Dan and Oli..what was it? Rancid…?
RN: Rancidnews, its an e-zine. Ok, so how did you get noticed by Household Name records despite being from outside the U.K?
Shaun: Well, this is our third time over here and everybody kinda knows each other, I mean our driver Ben knows Lil and Kafren from Household Name. We did some shows and they saw us and then when we recorded “Gypsy Hill” we just were sending it to all the different labels and Household said if we put one more track on it they would release it as an L.P because its an E.P in the States because it doesn’t have as many songs.
Dave: Oh right we went to Europe before being on Household name?
Shaun: Yeah two times!
RN: And you’re on Fork in Hand records in Canada?
Shaun: Thats in the States. In Canada its Stomp records.

RN: What celebrity do you most wanna have a fight with?
Dave: I wanna think about this….Carson Daly!
Shaun: Posh spice maybe, but I dont really wanna fight anyone.
Dave: Wait I want another one…R Kelly? No, he’d kick my ass!!

RN: How did the band all meet each other?
Dave: We’re just buddies, we were all friends and one of us decided to start the group and we all had nothing fun to do so we just played and played.
RN: So you met at high school?
Shaun: Just in Boston really, around the city.
Dave: Also there was quite a lot of peer pressure to start a band so we sort of felt it was something we had to do!

RN: Looking back at the album are there any tracks on there that you particularly enjoyed making or thought “wow thats really amazing”?
Shaun: “Those Kids Suck” I like a lot. “Apologies” incidentally is the one thats not on the U.S version. I think my favourite is probably the drunken version of “Find out” that was fun to record (pause whilst Dave opens the fridge again!)
Dave: You know Five Knuckle and Lightyear were on there too?
RN: Yeah, the track when you were all just jamming and talking.
Shaun: Uh huh, that song was recorded in…Brighton…yeah!!

RN: Whats on your CD player at the moment most on the tour bus?
Shaun: The new Dan Potthast CD. He just gave it to me so that was pretty cool!
Dave: I got a Trojan record label compilation, sorta dub/reggae compilation and I’m playing that a lot at the moment.
Shaun: And R Kelly…
Dave: ..And R Kelly haha!

RN: Do you find that touring in the U.S is really tiring compared to the U.K because of the huge drives between shows?
Dave: I think both are equally good fun and tough, if you see what I mean, like when you don’t make a cent its kinda tough. When we’re in England its usually the winter and so we’re always cold, we go to bed cold a lot here but on the other hand in the States they don’t feed you and you don’t get free beer, usually the club just hates you!

RN: Where do you see yourself in, say, five years?
Shaun: Hopefully, on a tour bus, doing the same thing on a bigger, more comfortable scale, without the whole selling out thing.
Dave: At the moment I’m crashing at a friends house like I have been for the last year or so because we’re touring so much I can’t pay rent. In five years i want to have a place to stay and a girlfriend!

RN: Did you get any backlash after doing “L.A.X” particularly as it attacks the L.A way of life?
Dave: Oh, well we haven’t played “L.A.X” since we wrote it!
Shaun: No we did!
Dave: Oh yeah we did, but we haven’t released it
RN: I love that song!
Shaun: You do? Maybe we could play it tonight.
RN: Yeah i think you should!
Dave: All my buddies in L.A agree with the song and they’re all like: ‘right on!’ It talks about that sort of L.A person and usually L.A people like it!
Shaun: I dont think that many people L.A people like it because they don’t listen to our music!

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