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Vegan cheese stuffed pasta

November 13th, 2009 · post by xhannahx · Make a comment

squareimage120x120After paying nearly a whole month’s rent on 2 Bon Jovi tickets I’m feeling pretty sulky (damn my love of hair metal and lycra leggins!!) so here’s some cheap yummy comfort food that’s a posh version of the classic pasta and sauce most of us seem to live on when times are tough!

What you need:
Mega sized pasta shells/ tubes (enough for 2 people)
A jar of pasta sauce
A tub of vegan cream cheese with herbs (or plain with a tsp of mixed herbs mixed in)
A hand full of fresh basil (optional)
A few mushrooms
A small head of broccoli
2 cloves of garlic (crushed)
Melting vegan cheese (optional)
A small onion, chopped (optional)
Olive oil


What you do:
1. Cover the pasta in boiling water and add 1 tsp olive oil.


2. Boil until the pasta is soft (this can take a while as the pasta’s pretty thick, maybe 10-15 mins?)

3. Whilst that’s boiling, fry the garlic and onion in a little oil until soft.


4. Add the broccoli and mushrooms and stir for 4-5 mins.

5. Stir in the pasta sauce and basil and heat through on a low heat.

6. Drain the pasta.


7. Using a tea spoon, spoon a little cream cheese into each shell (be stingy or you won’t have enough for all of them!)


8. Separate the pasta into 2 bowls and pour pasta sauce over it.

And the final vegan cheesy pasta!
9. Grate cheese over them and serve with garlic bread! Gobble Gobble!

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