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Cold Rolls

June 25th, 2010 · post by isy · Make a comment

Cold Rolls

squareimage120x120It’s summer now meaning it’s time for light snacks and cold foods! Except all I’ve been eating in the last 24 hours are giant puffball mushroom in various guises. I’m housesitting in Norfolk and we found 4 huge mushrooms in the garden. We picked a single one and we’re not even halfway through it. They are some of the most unmistakeable wild mushrooms and I was really excited to discover them – and they are soft and amazing just sliced and fried – but now I am getting a bit bored! I’d much rather have these cold rolls again that I had the other day…

Lucy and Lottie introduced me to these – Southeast Asian ‘cold’ spring rolls, a little feast where everyone can sit around the table rolling their own dinner with clammy yet tasty rice paper wrappers and a range of fillings with different textures and tastes. It’s definitely something to eat with friends, not on your own. I love eating with friends. It’s less wasteful in terms of energy use and usually also food use, and of course much more fun. I’m not talking about fancy dinner parties here but just plain ol eating in company and taking some time over your meal.

Anyway for these rolls, what you do is prepare all the fillings and sauce, then put it all on a table with a bowl of boiled water to dip the wrappers into until soft (they only need about a minute). Take out the wrapper and drain, then assemble your roll on your plate.

What you need


Rice wrappers
Firm tofu
Soy sauce, a small bit of chopped ginger and garlic
Spring onion
Vermicelli noodles
Salted peanuts
Fresh coriander
Peanut Butter
Sweet chilli sauce

For 4 people, I would use about 300g tofu, 1 large carrot, half a cucumber, 2-3 spring onions, a portion of vermicelli, a large handful of coriander and peanuts

What you do

1. Drain the tofu if you have time (for at least half an hour), by placing it between two chopping boards with a weight on top. Slice the tofu into small long rectangles. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the tofu over medium high heat on both sides. Toss in some soy sauce and the garlic and ginger halfway through.


2. Julienne slice the cucumber and carrot. Chop the spring onion and coriander.


3. Cook the vermicelli according to the packet’s instructions (it usually only involves a short boil or soak) and drain.


4. Mix some peanut butter with sweet chilli sauce to taste and a splash of water to make a dipping sauce.


5. Put everything into bowls, boil some water and place in a bowl on the table and get rolling!



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