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Vegan choc and vanilla easter marbled cake

March 11th, 2010 · post by xhannahx · Make a comment

Chocolate and Vanilla Easter Cakes

squareimage120x120So the weather’s getting hotter and today I sowed my vegetable seeds so I’m very excited! Now I just need to get motivated to dig up the garden and pull out all the crappy weeds. I’ve never grown my own veg from seed so I’ll keep you updated. If you know of any animal friendly ways of keeping slugs and snails off them please let me know!

I’m pretty sure it’s nearly Easter so I thought I’d get in early and make something Easter themed! You can use this recipe to make one mega fat cake or about 21 muffins!

What you need:

·         3 cups of self raising flour
·         ½ cup of cocoa powder or drinking chocolate
·         1 ½ cups of caster sugar
·         A large pinch of salt
·         ¾ cup vegetable oil (NOT olive)
·         1 ¼ cups of soured soya milk (bung in 1 tsp malt vinegar)
·         ¼ cup soya milk
·         1 tsp vanilla essence
·         1 handful of mini shredded wheat
·         100g chocolate chips
·         1 handful of vegan mini eggs, skittles or jelly beans (keep an eye out for evil shellac or beeswax!)
·         A few tacky fluffy chicks from Poundland

What you do:
1.       Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

2.       Put the flour, sugar and salt into a big bowl.

3.       Pour over the soured soy milk, oil and vanilla essence and stir.

4.       Pour half the mixture into another big bowl.


5.       Add the cocoa powder and soya milk to one and mix.

6.       Spoon the mixtures one at a time into a big, greased cake tin or into little cake cases.

7.       Give them a tiny stir with a spoon or kebab stick.


8.       Bung them in the oven for about 20 mins if they’re little muffins or 40 mins if it’s a mega cake.

9.       Leave the cakes to cool a bit then take them out of the pans and cases if they’re silicon (like mine)


10.   For Easter toppings, melt the chocolate chips by popping them in a bowl in the microwave for 10 secs. Stir then repeat until all melted.

11.   Crush up the shredded wheat and stir them in.

12.   Slice the top of each muffin and quickly wedge a mass of ‘nest’ on top.

13.   At the speed of light, pop on the decorations before the chocolate sets!

14.   Scoff.


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