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American style blueberry pancake recipe

February 16th, 2010 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment


I don’t usually contribute to the cooking corner but as I have just been stuffing myself with pancakes I thought I would share this recipe with you. I should probably shout out my friends George and Lucy who first made these for me.

Yes I know by the time this is published pancake day will be over but to be honest these are to good only to eat once a year and there is still a fair amount of religious bullshit attached to the day so I say eat pancakes when you want because they rule! I especially like making them on a lazy Sunday morning, cooking for my friends. A vegan treat for sure!

You will need:

1 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 large banana, sliced up
soya milk
cup measures
hand blender
a large spatula

Put the flour, sugar and banana in a large mixing bowl, measure out half a cup of soya milk and add that to the mix. Blend it all together, til there are no lumps left. You can add a little more soya milk if needed but if you add to much the mixture will be to runny.

Next you want to put a frying pan on a high heat hob and add a teaspoon of oil. Leave it for a few minutes till the pan has warmed properly and the oil is red hot.

Now you want to throw a large handful of blueberries into your pancake mix. Stir them up a bit but try not to beat them up to much.

Use your cups to measure out half a cup of the pancake mix, making sure you have a few blueberries in there too.
Turn the hob down to medium heat (5 or 6 if you have an electric hob) and gently pour the pancake mix into the center of the hot pan. Try not to let it spread out to much, about 5 inches is perfect.

As the first side cooks you will notice bubbles rising up through the top side. When the large bubbles in the center start to pop this means the first side is about ready to be flipped.

Using a large spatula, gently but quickly flip the pancake over. The last two steps take some getting used to but you will get the hang of it. The second side won’t take as long as the first to cook so be careful. You can lift it slightly to make sure it isn’t burning. Once it’s done lift it out and leave it on a warm plate.

Repeat this for as many times as you like, this amount of pancake mix will probably make about five pancakes which is enough to feed two from my experience. Use a sieve to dust icing sugar over the top of a pile if you are looking to impress some one with your culinary skills.

You can add whatever you like. Me and my friends love golden syrup but you could also try, sugar and lemon, maple syrup, jam, soya ice cream etc.
Hope your enjoy and let me know how yours turned out!

I made my pancakes listening to the new Silver Mt. Zion record. You should do the same because it’s brilliant (see my review elsewhere on the site). Epic frying.

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