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xhannahx | Cookery corner, DIY Guides, Food | October 18th | Comments off

Everything’s changing. The nights are getting darker, there are Christmas adverts on the TV and I’ve had to dig out the musty old winter coat. Where did the summer go?! It’s time to ditch the salads and start on the soups and stews! (Nom nom nom!) Make a mass batch then freeze it down in cheap tubs and heat it through when you want a quick snack or before leaving for work and bung in a flask! I’m really into root vegetables so expect a lot of recipes in the next few weeks! You can use any leftover vegetables and bulk them out using lentils, pulses, barley or soup mix and a couple of stock cubes. Easy!
This recipe is from Phil and kept us full and warm when we on a mega budget in Canada. It’s bloody fantastic!

Phil Chokeword’s leek and potato soup


What you need to feed 2 people
1 leek (sliced)
1 onion (I prefer red), peeled and chopped
2 stock cubes
2 tbsp margarine
3-4 potatoes (peeled and cubed)
appox. 1-4 cup soymilk
Black pepper to taste

What you do:
1. Place the margarine into a big pan and melt on a low heat.


2. Add the onion and leek and fry for a couple of minutes until they are soft. (Keep stirring them or they’ll burn!)


3. Add the potato, sprinkle the stock cubes over then cover in boiling water.


4. Simmer for 15-20 minutes until the potato is soft when you poke it with a fork.


5. Turn off the heat, add the soya milk and some pepper to taste and mash with a potato masher or hand blender if you like it less chunky.

6. Serve with bread and a log fire (optional)

Edd | Blogs, Hey Monkey Riot | October 16th | Comments off

Excessive Force is off to the printers, and frankly, though I would say so, I’m really, really excited about seeing it in print. The quality of the comics in it are amazing; it’s going to be one very cool anthology.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pages in my 22 page piece titled The G20, Ian Tomlinson and bad apples. The three pages here are from the middle of the comic and about the film(s) that went around the globe after Tomlinson’s death. The comic itself has a wider remit, but I won’t spoil the story here – you’ll just have to order a copy, or come find us at the Anarchist Bookfair!

Page 11
Ian Tomlinson, hands in his pockets, turned his back on the police, only to be thwacked around the legs

Page 12
The police just ignored Ian Tomlinson

Page 13
Ian Tomlinson remonstrated with the police, whose visceral contempt was shocking

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | October 16th | 2 comments

Whilst we get close to publishing the first (and second) Last Hours books, our much more experienced comrades at AK press have just repressed the vegan cookbook ‘Another Dinner is Possible!’. The book was co-authored by a members of the Last Hours collective and Brighton’s Anarchist Teapot. As well as this the cover art was illustrated by Hey Monkey Riot also of Last Hours notoriety.

The second edition has new cover art and more recipes as well as the original articles ranging from vegan parenting and Western nutrition to reducing waste, eating seasonally, growing-your-own, brewing-your-own, and cooking on a large scale.

We hope to get a couple of boxes for the Last Hours shop but in the mean time you can get it ship it from the USA from AK press or pick up a copy from Active Distribution in the UK.

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | October 14th | 1 comment

So some of the Last Hours collective have been really busy of late, working on our first two book publications!

The first is Excessive Force, a comics anthology detailing the brutal nature of the police. Editor and author Edd Hey Monkey Riot has been blogging about some of the process over the last month. (see Hey Monkey Riot blog). We have also published an article which will be accompanying the book titled ‘Why we don’t need the police‘. You can pre-order Excessive Force in our online shop.

The second publication comes from long time Last Hours contributor Isy Morgenmuffel. Isy has been working on her zine Morgenmuffel for 10 years now and to celebrate we are releasing an anthology of some of her best comics titled ‘Diary of a Miscreant’. The anthology covers a decade of Isy’s life. Included are personal accounts of G8 mobilisations, climate camp and other protests as well as more personal stories of feminist health, living in a housing co-op and much more. All in comic form!

As a taster a page is published below. Keep an eye on the site for full release details.


Edd | Blogs, Hey Monkey Riot | October 2nd | Comments off


I printed this in spring, and then promptly forgot about it.

I’m currently reading Bury my heart at wounded knee, which reminded me about it. It’s about the near annihilation of the native American communities between 1860 and 1890. A litany of broken promises, murders, attacks and wanton destruction.  There’s a pretty large part of me that wishes I could find a time machine to go back and communicate exactly what the Europeans would do if they were allowed to land.

It’s a roughly A4, four colour print, on Somerset 300gsm

Edd | Blogs, Hey Monkey Riot | September 26th | Comments off


This was one of the ideas that I was working on for the cover of Excessive Force, it’s not the one we’ve ended up using (that’ll get officially unveiled sometime later I guess), but I thought it was cool so thought I’d post it here. All I have to do now is make it to a screenprint studio and make a print of it!

Edd | Blogs, Hey Monkey Riot | September 19th | Comments off




I put together this zine whilst I was still working as one of the artist in residents at Central St Martins. The idea was to do it as a two colour screenprint to have ready for the London Zine Symposium. As it turned out I ran out of time in the print room doing other stuff.
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anon | Blogs, Last Hours blog | September 18th | Comments off

Early arrests made at the repossess the banks demonstration in Bristol

Early arrests made at the repossess the banks demonstration in Bristol

Another arrest in Bristol at the 'Repossess the banks' demonstration

Another arrest in Bristol at the ‘Repossess the banks’ demonstration

Protestors outside RBS in Bristol

Protestors outside RBS in Bristol

Police have been deployed on horses in the city

Police have been deployed on horses in the city

These are some of the early photos from the Bristol Co-Mutiny demonstrations in Bristol today. As part of a week long series of events today saw a ‘repossess the banks‘ demonstration. At least five people have so far been arrested, and a number of banks received a redecoration. A full report will follow later today. Details of the Bristol Co-Mutiny can be found on Last Hours here, or on the Co-Mutiny website. Below are the twitter reports from as of 1:05pm.
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Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | September 14th | Comments off

So we have picked up a few new titles for the Last Hours shop. All the profits made from the shop go towards funding other Last Hours projects unless otherwise stated.

The Real Cost of Prisons Comix – A great comic anthology of prison stories from PM press

One out of every hundred adults in the U.S. is in prison. This book provides a crash course in what drives mass incarceration, the human and community costs, and how to stop the numbers from going even higher. This volume collects the three comic books published by the Real Cost of Prisons Project. The stories and statistical information in each comic book is thoroughly researched and documented. 

Anarchy in Action – Colin Ward celebrated text reprinted in 2008 by Freedom Press

This book is about the ways in which people organise themselves in any kind of human society, whether we care to categorise those societies as primitive, traditional, capitalist or communist…

Bonuscupped Zine #2 – One of the most entertaining perzines I have read in a while

Contains the following: An interview with Todd from Razorcake zine, free travelling in Ireland, normal travelling in India, The Socialist Adventures of Giggsy, Miserichords…and lots of other stuff!!!

The Land #7 – A great zine from the heart of Somerset focusing on land rights and other struggles

The Land is written by and for people who believe that the roots of justice, freedom, social security and democracy lie not so much in access to money, or to the ballot box, as in access to land and its resources.

This issue covers land rights, the anti-road movement, Somalian pirates and loads, loads more

Of corse as well as these we have all the usual titles from Active, Microcosm, Crimethinc, PM press and more. Go to the shop for more information

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | September 14th | Comments off


Thanks to everyone who came and talked to us at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. It was a great day by all accounts. 

Events like this remind me of why we do what we do. The venues ideal location in the middle of Bristol city centre meant the fair attracted people in off the street, interested in what was going on. The organisers did a great job in making the venue look inviting and colorful. It was invigorating to hear debates and discussion start between long time anarchists and people who had come to find out what the fuss was about as well has plots and plans being hatched. It seemed people from all walks of life attended and I felt proud that together we could pull of such a large event with such great success. 

Thanks to everyone involved especially, the nice people we met, the organizers and the kitchen who provided some of the best vegan food I had ever eaten for hundreds of people! 

Till next year!