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This was one of the ideas that I was working on for the cover of Excessive Force, it’s not the one we’ve ended up using (that’ll get officially unveiled sometime later I guess), but I thought it was cool so thought I’d post it here. All I have to do now is make it to a screenprint studio and make a print of it!

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I put together this zine whilst I was still working as one of the artist in residents at Central St Martins. The idea was to do it as a two colour screenprint to have ready for the London Zine Symposium. As it turned out I ran out of time in the print room doing other stuff.
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please double lock the doors
The landlord just had some builders painting the communal hallway in my building. It looks cool. But they took down the old ‘please-remember-to-double-lock-the-front-door-else-we’ll-get-robbed’ sign on the front door. So I had to do a new one. I thought I’d go for the scare tactics to hopefully stop my bike getting nicked again!

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I found this on my desk after Tom Fiction left my flat. Genius! His present for my birthday was to get the Sssnakes song stuck in my head. They’ve got a split with the Bangers, who are also a mint band.

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another-dinner-coverI started work on this cover almost a year ago now, which is totally ridiculous! The effort I did for the first edition was pretty awful, so I was glad to get a second chance at doing a better job on it. That was until the almost endless print revisions. I think I’ve had to do close to 10 different revisions, largely because of sizing issues. Hopefully one day Americans will start using millimetres like the rest of the world!
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Between the picnic, cinema and everything else I had a fairly productive bank holiday working on ‘the work in progress’. I’m on page 24, and getting pretty close to the kidnap. It’s fun. Work on the Excessive Force anthology though is going to force me to put it on the back burner for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some proper scans up here soon. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going so far though. Oh, and the french has come to a grinding halt. But that’s okay, it’s good to have a month off before classes start in October again!

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a work in progress

Though this will invariably now jinx it, I’ve been making pretty good progess on a book I’ve been working on (now that all the Last Hours coding work is out of the way!). I’m up to page 18, and know where it’s going for a lot more pages after that. I set myself the rule that I wasn’t allowed to use pencils, so it’s just ink going straight down on the page. It’s a bit nerve-wrecking, and slower going than I expected, but I also think it makes the drawing more fluid. We’ll see! Once I’m at 32 pages I’m planning on putting together a small print run of the work in progress so that I can get people’s opinion on it. Read more…

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spoonboy-flier-blogI haven’t had much time to do many illustrations this week. I managed to pull together this flier for the Spoonboy gig, which actually turned out better than I expected. I’m not too keen on how quickly I had to do the type at the bottom, and if the guitar really did have wings in the position I’ve drawn the back one I think it would probably go around in circles! Otherwise I think it’s cool. Read more…

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I designed the poster for this year’s London anarchist bookfair. I didn’t really have a brief, so I decided on an invasion of the city, since I was drawing it in the run up to the G20 protests. Several months after drawing it I’m not really sure why there’s only eight people invading, but I guess that’s the way it goes. Read more…

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