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Year of the monkey cover image
So, I finally got this published! Year of the Monkey contains all 360 of the daily comics that I did over the course of a year between the summer of 2007 and 2008. It was a fairly insane project. I mean a comic everyday is nuts! But I stuck with it, and they were pretty good, if I do say so myself. It certainly does a good job of documenting my daily life during the period, and exploring my relationship with Natalie.

Below are some of the strips:
Busy bumblebee - Hey Monkey Riot, Year of the Monkey

Interruption sketch - Hey Monkey Riot, Year of the Monkey

Anarchist bookfair - Hey Monkey Riot, Year of the Monkey
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The vicar of Eastleight cut down by a gargoyle named noel...
Some images from a new little book/ zine thing I’ll publish in the new year. It’s part of a series of alternative kids books for adults to read; ‘ACAB (A copper acted badly)’ and ‘The politician who lost his voice’. I’ll have some early images from those up here later in the week I hope.


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I’ve been saving putting this up on the blog ’cause I was wanting to do a DIY guide about the process of doing a reduction lino-print. But I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon, so I thought I’d put it up. I made it about the Halowe’en Smash EDO demonstration in 2008…

There’s a two-colour print and some details below the cut.
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Hey Monkey Riot - bad cycling idea #263
The past week in London has had pretty horrific rain. Wednesday was no exception. Despite cycling for as long as I have I still don’t have any waterproofs and really couldn’t face getting completely drenched. This was my response to the problem; a pretty dumb response. Still, I survived, and didn’t get half as wet as I otherwise would have done. Below is the colour version that I’ll screenprint whenever I get access to a studio again! (Oh, the stamps are a work in progress – I just rushed them with a biro. But I like the idea of adding ’stamps’ to my images. I went to the Saul Steinberg exhibition back in February, and my favourite bit was his use of fake signatures and stamps. I’ll have to work out how to integrate them properly though!)

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Hey Monkey Riot - propagandhi are coming!
The most exciting gig of the year happens on Monday: Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi. I made this in my excitement, I think it communicates my excitement in a slightly terrifying fashion. It’s based on the photo from 1965 taken of the Beatles fans outside Buckingham Palace…
Below is a colour version. I’m trying to get away from the blue and red that I always use, though I’m not sure a sepia tonal range is exactly the direction I should be going!

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I’ve always found renaissance artwork fascinating; or at least their determination to personify everything from Ovid to the New Testament. This is a poster I’m working on personifying ‘retribution’. I’m not at all happy with the colour yet; I think I’ll probably have to add a fourth colour and start playing around with different overlays to get the effect that I’m after. It’s a little clichéd but I don’t really care. I mean a giant-anarcho smashing up the City of London, fleeing bankers, cameo appearances from Bakunin and Goldman and ravens leaving the Tower of London ticks alot of my personal hopes and dreams of what might happen in 2010.

Here’s some details of Emma Goldman and Mikheil Bakunin, and some of the circle illustrations:

Oh, and on a completely separate tangent I’ve been trying to play around more with type. This is a sketch of some of the stuff I’ve been playing around with.

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j18 celebrate peoples history

Josh MacPhee from Just Seeds asked me a really long time ago to make a poster for the Celebrate People’s History project. To be honest I struggled pretty badly with it (and I’m not 100% sure about the result – and I’m not sure if Josh is going to use it), but since I haven’t posted anything new up on my blog for weeks I thought I’d post it up. I guess I need to get better at this sort of thing.

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It’s Handmade and Bound this weekend, and I’m finally getting together a booklet of my alphabet print together for it.


It’s going to be 32 pages, full colour and generally looking very nice on thick, uncoated paper like Natalie and I used for the London Ladyfest 2008 programme.


If you buy copies of both Morgenmuffel and Excessive Force I’ll give you a copy for 50p. Otherwise it’ll set you back £3.50.

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Excessive Force is off to the printers, and frankly, though I would say so, I’m really, really excited about seeing it in print. The quality of the comics in it are amazing; it’s going to be one very cool anthology.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pages in my 22 page piece titled The G20, Ian Tomlinson and bad apples. The three pages here are from the middle of the comic and about the film(s) that went around the globe after Tomlinson’s death. The comic itself has a wider remit, but I won’t spoil the story here – you’ll just have to order a copy, or come find us at the Anarchist Bookfair!

Page 11
Ian Tomlinson, hands in his pockets, turned his back on the police, only to be thwacked around the legs

Page 12
The police just ignored Ian Tomlinson

Page 13
Ian Tomlinson remonstrated with the police, whose visceral contempt was shocking

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I printed this in spring, and then promptly forgot about it.

I’m currently reading Bury my heart at wounded knee, which reminded me about it. It’s about the near annihilation of the native American communities between 1860 and 1890. A litany of broken promises, murders, attacks and wanton destruction.  There’s a pretty large part of me that wishes I could find a time machine to go back and communicate exactly what the Europeans would do if they were allowed to land.

It’s a roughly A4, four colour print, on Somerset 300gsm

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