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Hey Monkey Riot new website
I’ve decided to jump ship. Well sort of anyway: I’ve moved my blog from here to Blogspot my own site. It was just easier to seperate it out, and away, from Last Hours. So you can follow my blog at:

I’ve got a lot coming up in the next few weeks and months so it should be kept pretty active!
Also, if you’re interested I’ve relaunched my website, so that there’s actually some work on there(!), you can check it out at:

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Some icons I made in the middle of last night when I was relaunching the London Zine Symposium website because I thought it needed them. I like how they’ve turned out. Conscious that this blog is currently reflecting about 10% of the artwork stuff I’m doing. Oh, well, mañana… I’ll do it then!

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These were some illustrations (and cover concept) that I put together for a competition that the Folio society and House of Illustration just had.

The funeral procession travelling to town for the funeral. Peréz, Meursault's mother's grieving companion, cuts across the fields to keep up, 'Great tears of frustration and anguish were streaming down his cheek But because of all his wrinkles they didn't run off.' (p.22) Shows the landscape and dirt Camus describes over the previous and preceding pages. Read more…

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My friend Mole has put together a zine of some of his short stories. I did a little illustration for the story titled ‘The Last Dragon’. To be honest, I’m not 100% convinced by the illustration, but I think that’s only because I had a better idea half way through making it, which I wish I’d had time to do. Still, I think the zine’s going to be great; I’m sure we’ll be selling it on Last Hours whenever it gets back from the printers!

The Last Dragon illustration

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First draft for the London Zine Symposium 2011 poster. I’m fairly happy with the ink, but need to do some work (obviously) on the colour, but realised I hadn’t posted anything on here in a while and thought people might be interested!

Version one of the London Zine Symposium 2011 poster

As it says the Symposium’s happening on April 17th this year. If you’re interested in booking a table you should go visit

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Last week we once again witnessed the Metropolitan Police at their worst: cracking skulls, dragging people out of wheelchairs and kettling people until 11pm. Last year Last Hours published Excessive Force, which I edited. With Christmas just round the corner it’s the perfect gift to give to anyone who hates the cops as much as we do, or for anyone who doesn’t understand how out of order the police are. You can buy it now from the Last Hours shop for just £7. Read more…

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Not only will Last Hours be at the Leeds Zine Fayre this weekend, but we’lll also be – along with Hey Monkey Riot – at Comica’s Comiket at the Royal National Hotel in London. It’s happening this Sunday – November 7th – and is running from midday to 5pm at 38-51 Bedford Way, which is just north of Russell Square. It’s free to get in and will have a whole bunch of comics, zines and small press goodies. You can find out more details about who’s going to be there on the Comica website. I’ll be selling Excessive Force, Diary of a Miscreant and back issues of Last Hours, as well as some of my new comics The Wall and Death of a Salesman.

It’s the first of three weekend events I’ll be tabling at in November. Handmade and Bound is on Sunday 21st November and the Alternative Press fair is the following Sunday 28th November. Both of them are at St Aloysius Social Club, 20 Phoenix Road, London NW1.

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Some pages from the visual diary I’m keeping (apologies for poor image quality. I’ll try and work out a better way to photograph the pages tomorrow)

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hey monkey riot passport-lighter

Ten hours into the tour. Through Dallas passport control, one veggie burger down, and on the final leg to Portland.

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ian tomlinson front cover final
It was going to be too expensive to ship lots of copies of Excessive Force across to the USA so I decided to re-publish the ‘Ian Tomlinson, G20 and Bad Apples’ story as a stand alone comic, along with the afterword, and one of the anti-police essays alongside it. Anyhow, I decided to redo the covers. Above: the front cover; below: back cover…

ian tomlinson back cover ink final

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Hey Monkey Riot gravatar imageName: Hey Monkey Riot
Bio: Hey Monkey Riot is the pseudonym of Edd Baldry. This blog is my illustration blog with updates of what I’m drawing and working on.

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